Signs of substance addiction in teens


Depression and drug addiction can be harmful to both teens and adults. Mental illness, including depression, is attributable to genes, biological makeup, psychological environment, etc. Addiction can also happen because of the same reasons. That’s why these two tend to co-occur frequently. Teenagers go through a lot of physical and mental changes in their adolescence. Their lifestyle also transforms. These changes can unsettle them if they don’t get proper guidance. As a result, they develop depression and drug addiction. Some start using drugs or alcohol to self-treat their depression.

It may not be simple to figure out if your teen is using substances. Plenty of symptoms can be typical of their age or young adult behavior. Many of them can also be an indication of their mental illness, such as anxiety or depression. If you think your teen is at risk of substance abuse, you must deal with it carefully. Talk to your kid directly whether they drink, vape, or use drugs. When you ask, be mentally prepared to hear “yes,” even if that is the most unwanted or dreadful thing. It can be the starting of positive beginnings. You can look for an inpatient drug rehab for teenagers so that your kid can get proper treatment and overcome the issue of substance abuse. 

Nevertheless, before you take any step, it is essential to learn about addiction signs in teens. You can begin a conversation only when you have some ground to doubt their behavior. So, here is a quick look into them.

The indications of substance abuse in your teenage child

Changes in mood and personality 

Any drug or alcohol addiction can cause sudden mood swings and personality transformation. Some of these include lack of motivation, depression or sullenness, hostility, anger, silence, absence of communication, secrecy, inability to focus, loss of inhibition, hyperactivity, unusual cheerfulness, and so on.

Behavioral changes

You can notice significant changes in the way they behave. For example, the teen can withdraw from family and friends. They may stop going to school, office, or participating in activities. Usually, they prefer to spend time alone by locking themselves in their room. They would not meet your eyes when they talk as if they are hiding something. They will be going out frequently, not staying at home for a long hour or many days. You would notice that they become too possessive about their phone. They would have multiple reasons for doing or not doing something. Since their breath can reveal it all, they can often chew gum or mints to cover the smell.

Other than this, they may often come to you for more pocket money or even start stealing it; they would ask for money from friends, neighbors, and others so that they can buy drugs or alcohol. Besides, restlessness and sleeping for long hours can be a few other factors to observe.

Physical health and hygiene

Usually, these people don’t pay attention to their health and appearance as most of the time they live in a high, a state of trance, where they don’t have any awareness about what they do. Overdosing makes them lazy, tired, etc. Their speech gets affected. They can fall sick frequently with problems like vomiting and seizures, gripping them. You can even notice spots or sores near their mouth. They can sweat a lot.

Besides, if you go closer, you would get the smell of smoke or some other weird thing from their mouth and clothes. They wouldn’t care about their hygiene. You can also check their fingers or lips for burns or soot.

Ways to find out whether your teen has any addiction

If you have observed dramatic or considerable changes in your teen, you have every reason to be wary and discover the truth. You can rummage through the drawers upside down, the small boxes,  suitcases where they keep their knick-knacks, the bed, and other furniture items, between and inside books, floorboard, and every other corner. When they catch you, you can be frank that you are concerned about their health and safety. These are some of the most common places to hide alcohol, drugs, vapes, etc.

When you talk to them, look into their eyes directly. If they consume marijuana or any other substance, their eyes would be red with drooping lids. Pupils would look bigger. They wouldn’t be able to focus if they drink. Plus, their flushed face and cheeks can also give away the secret.

If you learn that your child has been abusing a substance because of depression or any other mental illness, you can go to a dual diagnosis treatment center in your city of New York. New York dual diagnosis treatment centers can provide treatment and therapies for both substance abuse and mental disease.

You should not delay the rehabilitation process because prolonged use of substances can eventually erode their physical and mental well-being even more. So, it would be best if you took quick but careful actions in this regard.

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