Set Aside Good from Bad Math Tuition: Qualities to Look Out For


Being one of the core subjects, parents have often strived hard to see their children excel in Mathematics. Overtime, tuition has been used to achieve this and enable students sharpen their mathematical skills. While some students have greatly benefited from this extra service, others have experienced minimal or no improvements at all, leaving parents with the big question: Aren’t all Maths tuition same, and if not, what’s the difference? Your child’s performance can greatly change depending on the tutor and the kind of tuition offered. You don’t have to enroll your child in any tuition before comprehending the clear cut difference between a good and bad Maths tuition. So what should you watch out for?

Identifying  the right Maths tuition

You will know that your child is in the right place when;

· The Maths tutor engages the students in solving all the mathematical problems. Not only will the students master the concepts easily but also avoid simple mistakes that they would have done were they not involved in the exercise.

· The professional in charge of the Math tuition consistently monitors the progress of each student. Tuition is meant to provide supplementary knowledge that couldn’t be accessed from the normal classroom. With keen interest on each student, a healthy relationship will be developed between the scholar and the tutor, which will eventually encourage regular consultation, leading to impressive improvements.

· The student is taught different approaches of arriving at a mathematical solution. A maths tuition will be considered effective when your kid will be able to solve a simple arithmetic using over three approaches. This not only cultivates confidence in the student but also help in time management as he will opt for an easier method, according to him.

· The student does extra mathematical exercises besides the ones allocated. A perfect maths tutor will always encourage his students to perform extra work and not necessarily restrict themselves to what he gives out. This presents the student with a perfect opportunity of meeting varied version of the same problem and getting multiple solutions for the same.

· The student is regularly appreciated and congratulated for all the problems solved skillfully. Appreciation not only provides motivation to the excelling student but also poses a challenge to the rest to continue working hard for them to equally be appreciated.

If few or none of the above activities happen in the Maths tuition that your kid attends, then it might just be the ideal moment to withdraw him or her from it and seek for a better alternative. You will also know that it’s time for your child to quit that tuition when;

· You receive regular complains concerning your kid and his poor mathematical abilities. In a perfect tuition, the tutors are always persistent and rarely complain about students’ weaknesses. Consistent complains is an indication that the tutor has given up making the whole tuition a waste of resources.

· The teacher insists on particular ways of solving problems without incorporating the students’ opinions. 

· The maths tutor doesn’t welcome questions and consultations comfortably. This will not only deny the students opportunity of learning more concepts but also create a bad attitude towards the teacher and the subject.

With all these in mind, you have all it takes to identify the ideal maths tuition for your child and even withdraw him or her from a bad one before it’s too late.


Lauren Wong is one of the tutors at The Educationist – Singpore’s premier tuition centre. With years of experience and the highest and most relevant qualifications in engineering subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics, she was able to help hundreds of students improve from F9 to A1. The Educationist, after more than a decade of success in helping F9 students achieve “A1″s in Chemistry, Physics, A.Maths and E.Maths, is so confident of their unique and effective teaching techniques that they are offering all new students a FREE trial lesson! 

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