How to Select the Ideal Winter Coat for you


Buying the right winter coat is an essential task. If you make the right choice you will look good as well as stay warm and dry.

Always buy a good quality coat

You need to look at buying a women´s or men´s winter coat as an investment. In all likelihood, you are going to wear it every day, so you want to make sure that it is a well made, good quality coat. If you buy a cheap one the chances are you will end up having to buy a second one, later in the season.

Be prepared to shop around

Usually, finding the right coat for you will take a while. Therefore, you need to set aside enough time to be able to shop around. That way you can avoid inadvertently buying a coat that is not really suitable for your needs.

Make sure it is big enough

When you shop for your coat take the time to try it on in front of a mirror. Ideally, you want to be able to see yourself from the back as well as the front and sides. Turn around slowly and make sure it does not pull across the back when you fold your arms. Check that you can easily reach up above your head too. That way you will not go to stow your briefcase on the train only to realize you have to take your coat off before you can do so.

You also need to bear in mind that at certain points in the year you will be wearing several layers of clothing. If you can take a jumper with you when you go shopping and try the coat or jacket on over the top of that.

Is it really practical for you?

We have all done it, tried a coat on, loved it and bought it only to realize when we get it home that it does not have a pocket big enough to hold our mobile. Before you buy, take the time to think about how and when you are likely to be wearing your new coat. Doing this will help you to work out how many pockets it should have, whether you need a hood and buy a coat that includes the features you need.

Does it need dry cleaning?

If you are living on a tight budget, the last thing you need is to have to take your coat to the cleaners every time it gets dirty. To avoid this issue check the care label and make sure that it is machine washable before you buy.

Does it offer enough protection against the elements?

You also need to check that it offers you enough protection against the weather. Never assume that a coat that looks waterproof actually is. Always check the label and bear in mind that showerproof is not the same as waterproof. Sometimes you can still buy the coat and use a spray to turn it into a coat that will keep you dry even in heavy rain. This article will help you to understand which fabrics can be made water resistant using a spray and which types cannot.


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