Safety Tips to Follow for Your Next Summer Road Trip


Pack your bags, bring your friends, and put the top down on your car, because summer isn’t over just yet. Finding a great destination for a vacation can be fun, but nothing is as exciting as going on a road trip. Road tripping lets you see the sights at your own leisure. You can drive through a small country town or stay the night to venture around.

You might have a place in mind, but it doesn’t mean endless boring hours in the car, staring out the window. Whether you’re cruising down historic Route 66 or just driving down 80 from one coast to the other,  you need to remember some things. To ensure you have the best time in and out of your car, here are some safety tips to follow on this or your next summer road trip.

Before heading out for adventure

You may be ready to ride with or without a destination, but first, you need to make sure your vehicle is also up for the challenge. Bringing your car in for a tuneup and oil change before your trip can save you a lot of money and frustration later on. Have the dealership, such as the Toyota dealership in Manchester, CT, or your mechanic check your tires for any problems. Rotate and balance all four tires for a smooth, comfortable ride. Old oil causes excessive wear to major engine components such as your cams, rockers, and bearings. Your brakes should work properly, especially for those long cross country ventures. Your paperwork such as registration and insurance should be up-to-date and stored in an accessible place in the car. Creating a small first-aid kit can come in handy too, complete with bandages, antibacterial ointment, and headache medicine.

Safe entertainment for all of the passengers

You can have fun on your trip and still be safe. The passengers have the freedom to read, gaze out of the window, or toss in a movie on your car’s DVD player. As the driver, being behind the wheel for long periods can sometimes be grueling. Distracted drivers are the cause of about 1,000 crashes a day in the US. Designate one person in the car to assist you if you need to phone or text someone. Your focus should be on the road while they co-pilot for you. Some climates such as New Mexico may affect your driving if you aren’t used to it, leading to an accident. An unexpected heavy rain shower in this desert state can bring on a couple of inches fast and suddenly. If something should occur, you can notify a local car accident attorney in Albuquerque. Keep up with weather reports, and if a change in conditions does occur while driving, pull over and turn on your hazards to wait for a lull before driving again.

Keeping your audio favorites on hand

Before setting out, you can arrange a collection of trip tunes on your iPod or smart device. Podcasts are another alternative to bring along. If you are a fan of mystery and suspense, this podcast weaves an eerie tale about missing people in the fictional place, Limetown. It’s a perfect match for your drive down historic Route 66. Many libraries are now connected to free apps, so it’s easier for you to borrow audiobooks. You can download a few new bestsellers for the long, warm, summer night drives. If you want a different twist on listening to something unique and fun, the company Gypsy Apps has created a driving tour connected to your surroundings. Once it finds your location, it begins to tell you about the surrounding area such as the Hoover Dam and Miami to Key West. You will hear great ideas about hiking trails, the area’s history, and places to see.



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