Role of Public Health Practitioners in Addressing Climate Change Issues


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In 2018 when Greta Thunberg skipped school to strike against climate change, it was a sign the situation is terrible. We have recently heard about climate change and its effects on global warming more frequently than ever. Climate change is the process due to which the earth’s temperature is rising. Unfortunately, as the temperature increases, it changes the picture for humanity. We experience unnatural weather patterns and unpredictable shifts in the atmosphere. We need the temperature at a certain level to ensure our survival.

If the climate continues to get worse, it threatens our future. There will come the point where famine, floods, and unbearable temperature take over. Public health officials play an essential role in ensuring we know about the disaster that awaits us. Climate change has become a global public health crisis. However, with the correct information, there is a chance we can bring down the damage. Here’s how public health officials can help on an international level:

  • Develop Public Health Adaptation Strategies 

Public health officials can contact national and international health organizations for a discussion. During the debate, they can strategize and talk about policies to counter climate change. For instance, one part of the globe is experiencing longer summers while the other gets unbearable winters. In such cases, policymakers can discuss how to tackle weather patterns. As a result, sustainable development and equity will get promoted throughout the world. The second stage of strategizing is planning, tracking, and keeping public health interventions to help the world cope. 

  • Create Online Resources 

When more members are on board, it gives public health officials a better chance to create resources. Online resources are a blessing when it comes to helping the world understand climate change is essential. Online platforms allow lectures, books, and even animation to get translated for better outreach. Public health professionals focusing on environmental factors can also enroll in accredited MPH programs online to hone their skills. People who have a bachelor’s in public health should consider going down the online education route. When people better understand what exactly climate change is, it can help them combat it better. Education is essential to bridge the gaps in knowledge. People need to pinpoint the exact causes of climate change to work towards a universal solution. 

  • Inform The Global Audience On Emerging Diseases

Climate change also brings a plethora of diseases with it. These diseases will not be easy to shake off and wreak havoc in the world. When public health officials sit down with policymakers, they can push for more research funds. With more research, there can be predictions where the world will be hit with new diseases first. When scientists have groundwork on which they can build vaccines, it can help them get prepared. Preparation is necessary to ensure that the world isn’t caught off guard with the new diseases.

A prime example is a coronavirus. When China was struck with the virus, it didn’t take long for it to spread. The world didn’t have resources or a plan to combat the virus. Consequently, we witnessed massive deaths and a strain on the global economy. With a plan in place and research waiting for dispatch, we can prepare better for any future diseases. 

  • Figure Out What Industries Are Harmful

Some parts of the world have more industries than others—for example, China. Industries consume energy and give out harmful greenhouse gases and chemicals. These industries rely on non-renewable energy that is both harmful and difficult to extract. Public health officials can use data collected from these industries to pinpoint the significant contributors to greenhouse gases. When enterprises know how they’re actively contributing to climate change, they can shift towards sustainability. The first step is to figure out what products human consumption can live without. The second step is to figure out what can get used as an alternative. For example, factories can recycle plastic bottles for clothing. The food industry, such as fishing, also needs remedying. Overfishing is killing marine life and endangering people. 

  • Find A Solution To Pollution

Pollution is a significant contributor to greenhouse gases. We have large landfills all over the world. Some countries ship out their waste for other countries to use. For instance, first-world countries ship unpurchased clothing to third-world countries. Pollution such as plastics and non-biodegradable products are filling water bodies. Public health practitioners can urge the world to curb their pollution. Diseases and soon food production such as growing crops take a significant hit. When public health officials can link the cause and effect of pollution, it can help governments address the situation. When the world can share its resources to prevent pollution, it can prevent a major outbreak. 

  • Provide Training Manuals

Public health practitioners are necessary worldwide. With unanimous training resources, the population can benefit from their knowledge. These resources can help people understand how they may be contributing to climate change. There is a need for lifestyle change, dietary, and even consumption shifts. If people continue to live the way they’re living, we will drastically reduce the earth’s lifespan. Animals may start going extinct, events like heat strokes and thunderstorms may become the new norm. A training manual can also help public health officials worldwide to divide resources. Such as making sure people with low incomes also get vaccinated and medicines to combat diseases. Unequal division of resources is also a cause of climate change.

  • Include Climate Change Into The Curriculum

Climate change needs to become an addition in med schools. Public health officials can push for governments worldwide to add it to all programs. Climate change needs studying in public health, medical, and the nursing sector. Schools also need to focus on the lasting effects of climate change to equip students with better resources. When there is a massive spread of information, the population will know what to expect if they don’t stop now. Preparation is the key to combating climate change. It will also inform providers what the consequences of climate change look like in terms of diseases. The world can no longer ignore climate change as a link to where the world stands today. So better education is the only solution.

Wrap Up

Public health officials have an important role. They are the bridge between different sectors and the population. Where the medical industry and policymakers stop, public health officials enter the scene. They’re crucial in ensuring that the population is aware of what the future holds for them. One of the critical issues that need addressing is climate change. Climate has wreaked havoc globally. We have been the catalyst behind the escalation of global warming. If the issue does not get handled now, it will become difficult to survive. 

Public health officials have the resources to spread awareness. They can push policymakers to develop adaptation strategies. They can create online resources to help the population know where they stand. They can inform the global audience on how to curb population and push for sustainability. They can also help governments all over the world divide resources and mainstream distribution. Finally, adding climate change into the curriculum can help set the world on recourse. These changes can safeguard humanity again.

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