Practical Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy All the Time


House cleaning is a whole lot of work. You don’t want to spend your entire weekend cleaning your home. The secret is doing a little bit every day and prevent the piling up of mess. Spending your Saturday hanging out with friends sounds better than doing laundry. Once you have developed the habit of doing little work every day, you’ll not have to sacrifice your whole weekend in cleaning your home.

Here are some easy tips that can help you keep your home clean and tidy every day.

1.      Clean Up Right After Each Meal or Snack:

Dirty countertops and tabletops make your home look awful. Wipe down all your counters with a cloth and cleaner. Food particles and leftovers create mess and smell. They also attract bugs. The sooner you clean the crumbs and leftovers, the better it is for your hygiene and your home. Make a habit of cleaning the tabletops and other surfaces right after you are done with your meals. Do not eat anywhere in the house. Use your dining tables.

2.      Get Picky with Your Carpet:

Your carpet is like a foundation of your home on which all your belongings stay, including yourself. While you and your family go in and out during the day, your carpet collects dust. Take out a few minutes to vacuum the high traffic areas every other day. But if you do not have time for that, you can hire a carpet cleaning service to get your carpet cleaned thoroughly and professionally. Try to pick up scraps and small messes from your carpet as soon as you see them. This helps your carpet look nicer and clean all week.

3.      Do a Load of Laundry Daily:

It can be a game-changing habit to do a load of laundry daily. Before heading to work, make time to pop in a load of laundry in washing machine. Doing weekly laundry can be a hectic task. Think of it as a morning exercise, and you also avoid the hassle of doing multiple loads of laundry at once on weekend. Typically, seven loads of laundry pile up every week. When you do one load per day, you can save your time at the weekend to do the other activities you like.

4.      Make Your Bed:

Your bed is the central piece in your bedroom. A messy and unmade bed can make your whole room look untidy. Remember to give a few minutes making your bed before you leave your bedroom for work. You can also use a duvet with a removable cover if tucking in bed sheets is not your thing. You can launder the removable cover each week. You just have to pull up the sheet, and instantly, your bed seems tidy.

5.      Empty the Dishwasher Each Morning:

It only takes 5 minutes to empty a full dishwasher. Do it while you wait for the coffee to brew or while you wait for the food to heat in the oven. By doing so, you prevent the dirty dishes from piling up in the sink. Moreover, this habit helps to prevent pests and keep your kitchen look cleaner and tidier.

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