Planning tips for a special post-CoVid family holiday


The past 18 months have not been easy. We are all keen to say goodbye to the stressful CoVid restrictions. Many families are planning to take an extra special holiday to celebrate and help them to get their lives back on track.

They are ready to book the moment travel restrictions are lifted. Interest in renting or even buying a holiday home – such as these luxurious Florida propertiesis high, as it is for many other popular tourist areas. This is one of the reasons property prices in places like Boca Raton have soared by as much as 16%. Investors know that filling their villas and luxury condos is not going to be hard once people can travel again. 

Be ready to book quickly

If you need negative Covid-19 tests in order to travel on short notice, consider booking an appointment with a home visit doctor. They will come to you to administer tests or vaccines you may need in advance of your trip.

That is why it is wise to start the planning process now. Work out which area you want to visit and have a fair idea of where you want to stay. It makes sense to go online now, do your research, and bookmark the sites that have what you want. That way as soon as you hear that you can travel again to that area you can go ahead and book. Thus, greatly reducing the chance that the kind of properties and flights you want have already been booked by other families.

Be flexible

Of course, even if you do that you may still be disappointed. So, it is wise to have some alternatives in mind and take a flexible approach.

Consider delaying your special trip

It is also worth considering delaying your special trip for an extra year. Doing this provides the chance to reduce the cost. Potentially by a lot. As you can see here, the airline industry is not expecting to be able to offer as many flights as they once did. Most firms do not believe they will be able to get back to normal until 2022, perhaps 2023. With fewer overall seats available the chances are that flight prices will be considerably higher than they were pre-covid.

The same is true for accommodation. Many hotels, apartments, and holiday villas that are already open for travelers are full. The pent-up demand is huge and as we all know with high demand comes high prices. In time, the chances are that demand will return to more normal levels and the price will drop. So, if you are prepared to wait an extra year you will likely be able to get more for your money. 

Start saving now

Plus, of course, it provides you with extra time to save up enough to be able to afford to do something special. To take a holiday that will enable you to create fantastic memories for you and your children. 

Regardless of when you are planning to take your special holiday, it makes sense to start saving for it now. Doing so helps to build anticipation and excitement within the family. As well as teaching your children that saving brings big rewards. This article contains several excellent ideas that will help you to get your holiday nest egg started.

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