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 The world of network marketing is a do-or-die industry. Either you understand the power of the system, and build your following and sales team, and make TONS of money, or you simply give up. In this life changing NEW book, legendary network marketing trainer and founder of Your MLM Business School Shane Jeremy James pulls back the curtains on the network marketing industry and
gives you a simple plan on building a lucrative business and how to help others succeed.

 There is just one problem; he doesn’t know what to title the book!  

(Your Title Suggestion) is a roadmap for anyone in the network marketing industry striving to achieve their business and personal goals or dreams.  Touching on every aspect of the business, Shane Jeremy James offers 68 powerful and inspiring principles to get any network marketer from where they are now to where they want to be, Making Money!

Here’s a hint of what it is about: 
The Most Effective Battle Plan A Trademark Habit of Millionaires
The Follow Up Notebook: Your Million-Dollar Check
The Fast Track: Overcoming the Hurdle of Rejection
How to Become the Person We Love to do Business With
Fear: The Number One Reason for Failure in MLM
The Six-Step Strategy for Encountering All Objections
Qualifying: Ask the Questions, Define the Need
Closing: Signing Them Up and Following Up
The Ten Commandments of Network Marketing
Unleash the Leader Within You
The Best News You’ll Ever Hear About Taxes
Careful Time Management
Work-Family Balance: The Essentials
The Happiness Strategy: 12 Techniques to Improve Your Personal and Professional Worlds

You can’t sell a book without a title! That is where you come in. Help renowned author and motivational speaker, Shane Jeremy James, name his newest book and WIN $100! That’s right, Shane needs your help. He is ready to publish his newest book, but want’s you to pick the title.

The Rules:
Your title suggestion must use at least one of the following phrases.
• The Secret to/of
• The Art of
• The Truth About
• Love
• The Story of

Other than that, THERE ARE NO RULES! Shane will personally choose the winning title, and you will be credited, IN PRINT, for your hard work! In addition, if you can think of a great nickname for Shane (must include his first name) you will receive another $50! I can tell you Shane is funny and light-hearted, and loves a good laugh. So, be creative!

That is $150 for just a little brain-power!

Don’t feel the creative juices flowing just yet? Not to worry, here is a sneak peak
of the book.

Network Marketing

I’d been pitched on the business of networking marketing millions of times, but I hadn’t listened. I had never given it the priority of my time, so I didn’t really understand the industry. But I already believed in its business model. I was an advocate. It took Kelly Bangert to make me a convert.

Kelly and I had a lot in common; he was passionate about life and business, and he had overcome great odds and known great success (he’d made 1.9 million dollars in just 9 months in MLM). After being introduced to each other by a mutual friend in the motivational speaking industry, we became great friends. I soon began coaching and mentoring many people in the network marketing industry; for me, the business model was simple. You have to understand how to build strong cultures, and know how to influence, train, prospect, and close people.

During the next few months, Kelly got involved in a new network marketing company, and I jumped right on board with him. I flew between the U.S. and Canada and signed up 25 people in two weeks; the company had two really strong groups in both countries. As the business grew, I saw that it cashed in a lucrative income in a short period of time.

Of course, there were problems. Just as an example, the company had to pay brokerage fees on all the products that were shipped to us to Canada, just to get them across the border; we were selling an energy drink at the time, which was selling for $5.50 as opposed to $2.50, per can. It’s funny now, to think that we were selling an energy drink at such a ridiculous price (plus I realized that I had a knack for teaching people how to sell expensive items!), but the truth is that this company wasn’t being run very well. The company should have solved the problem of the brokerage cost, but never did. It was eventually bought out by another network marketing company.

Looking back, I realize now that we’d built a very strong and successful business, even what with all the crazy costs and shipping issues. But at that point, my attention was divided. And I had to make a decision: should I continue to stick with network marketing businesses, or should I continue to coach and train businesspeople in that industry? There was a lot of potential in both directions; smart leaders are always looking to outsource work (such as training and mentoring tasks). Since I was already coaching so many people in various areas of business—including the networking marketing business—I chose to focus on coaching.

As a coach and a mentor, I’ve decided to remain unaffiliated with any other company. There are some excellent trainers in the network marketing industry, but almost all of  them belong to a specific company; I am one of the very few who are not. The thing is people don’t like to send their team members to someone who is from a competitor, and you can’t blame them for that. By remaining neutral, yet wholeheartedly dedicated to each person whom I help, I’ve gained vast experience from coaching thousands of individuals in over a hundred different companies.

That’s what keeps me going. I love the industry, and I love helping people within it.


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All Things Juliet
10 years ago

This name the book contest is awesome for bloggers and working moms with creative minds. Now they can put their creativity into test.