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Children from infancy begin to show independence and interest in the world around them. At this point, supporting your baby is essential and not setting limits and prohibitions. Strange as it may seem, but one of the manifestations of independence and development is a culture of sleep. Montessori offers a unique method of child development. A significant part of this development is the place where the baby sleeps. 

That is why the montessori floor bed was developed for children of different ages. It is not an ordinary bed. It gives more freedom to the baby. And parents can not worry about his safety. The main advantage of such beds is versatility. It can be set even for adult children.  

Types of Montessori beds

The term “Montessori crib” refers to psychologist Maria Montessori. Her educational methodology aims to give children more space in the adult world. An important aspect is the child’s self-development. Because independent solutions promote development, young children can engage in creative activities with the Montessori bed. In a regular bed, children must wait for their parents to help them lie down and get out. With a Montessori bed, this is optional. Instead, children decide for themselves when to stay in bed and when not to. There are these types of Montessori beds:

  • Bed in the form of a house. This is a classic version of the bed where children can show all their creativity. For example, the ground-level design promotes independence and autonomy, and children can also be creative. Because it only takes blankets and a few simple steps to turn a Montessori house bed into a cave. Curtains or swags can also be attached to the ceiling of the bed for more coziness. However, the beautiful design of this Montessori children’s bed can also be enhanced in different rooms. Nature lovers or children who like to look at the starry sky can work with their parents to create matching photo wallpaper. And when it gets dark in the evening, the homely bed combined with the shining stars on the ceiling conveys a cozy feeling of security.
  • Bed teepee. This is what is known as a hut. More suitable for kids who like an adventure. Constantly imagine themselves in the role of a treasure hunter or traveler. Here the child can show his imagination. It is not just a bed but a unique opportunity to prove themselves and occupy their free time. 
  • The fall-protection floor bed has a side rail. This guard keeps your child from rolling out of bed at night. This is rolling out is a problem that worries many parents. After all, significantly young children can hurt themselves: even if the distance to the ground is limited.
  • Unlike the famous crib, an installed fall guard does not prevent your child from leaving his or her crib. Instead, it only protects the controlled area. This provides a reasonable amount of clearance to exit or enter the bed.

The unique feature of wooden beds is free movement and independent development. That’s why the Montessori floor bed offers the desired freedom.

Pros of buying a Montessori bed

Montessori’s idea is the proper and safe development of the child at all stages of growing up. Sleep culture should be introduced from birth. It should not be painful for the parents and the baby. A bed on the floor in the child’s room allows for sleeping together outside the parents’ bed. In other words: Mom (or Dad) can lie down with the baby for the night until he falls asleep or stays with him all night. Thanks to the unique design, parents can not worry about the baby. It is impossible to get hurt or fall while sleeping. Protective edges for the smallest babies will help minimize the injury risk.

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