Martin Polanco: Different Ways in Which Magic Mushrooms Can Be Good for Your Mental Health


Magic mushrooms get their name from the fact that it contains psilocybin, a naturally-occurring hallucinogenic compound. Also known by a variety of names like shrooms, philosopher’s stones, mushies, and many more, they have been used by certain ancient cultures for centuries. Even though it is not approved for any medical use as of now in the United States, many people believe that consuming magic mushrooms has several health benefits. This view is also being gradually supported by fresh scientific research. Some of the more common health benefits associated with magic mushrooms:

Encourages More Openness of the Personality 

Those undergoing negative experiences try to protect themselves from further trauma by closing themselves down to future experiences. However, as useful as this technique is in protecting ourselves from negative influences, often, we end up overreacting and end up restricting our exposure to new experiences and stimulating opportunities. Researchers in 2011 established that by undertaking a session of high-dose psilocybin, there was a significant enhancement in the extent of openness, which is a psychological term for a person’s attitude to undergoing new experiences. A high degree of openness is associated with personality traits like imagination, appreciation of aesthetics, and creativity observes Martin Polanco. Researchers were also excited to discover that the effect tended to remain high for more than one year after the high-dose psilocybin session for close to 60% of the participants.

Treatment of Addictions

If you are addicted to substances like nicotine or hard drugs like cocaine, it can easily end up ruining your health and life. Magic mushrooms have been found to have properties that can help to treat unhealthy habits. A pilot study undertaken jointly in 2008 by Johns Hopkins University and The Beckley Foundation’s Amanda Feilding investigated the potential of treating nicotine addictions with the help of psilocybin. While the initial response has been very encouraging, ongoing research supported by the Heffter Research Institute is reinforcing the case of the use of psilocybin treating disorders arising from substance abuse.

Decreases Depression 

Many ancient cultures endorsed the use of magic mushrooms without knowing anything about psilocybin. While the Aztecs held teonanácatl or divine mushrooms in their language in great reverence, modern neuroscience has established that psilocybin acts on the brain’s serotonin receptors to produce a variety of effects that change mental consciousness. There is now a mounting body of scientific research pointing to the efficacy of mushies for treating depression. Sometimes, it has been observed that just a single dose was enough to cure the patient permanently.

Frees Ego and Boosts Creative Expression 

Psychedelic substances have been proven to be effective in enabling the human mind to reach a state that frees consciousness from its specific ego, resulting in an illusion. A study conducted in 2017 indicated that loss of ego temporarily can have a positive effect in the right perspective. These experiences, usually life-changing and extensive, can help us to feel intensely connected and alive to sensations. The mind in this kind of a free state also tends to be very creative.


Although regulatory agencies around the world have viewed with great suspicion claims of health benefits of magic mushrooms, there is a lot of scientific evidence coming into ply supporting the use of the active ingredient, psilocybin, for the treatment of certain chronic conditions.

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