Learn How to Pay Title Loans Off Today!


A car title loan can be a good resource to utilize when your budget is running low, and your credit history is less than ideal. If you’re considering retrieving emergency funds, you might want more information on how to pay title loans off.

After a title lender approves your loan, the repayment process begins. If you are considering auto title loans for funding, remember that not all auto title loan options are created equal. Some loan options can offer no prepayment penalties!  Just make sure you acquire a title loan option that provides a simple and flexible repayment period.

Read below to learn more about how to pay title loans off, or ask your local title lender for details.

How Do I Pay Off Car Title Loans?

An auto title loan is amortized, meaning a borrower will pay back the interest and the principal amount each month throughout the loan duration. The principal is the original loan balance, and the interest is the cost of borrowing money. Repaying both items simultaneously can offer plenty of advantages to borrowers and their wallets. 

While most title lenders prefer borrowers to repay loans in person, others can allow an electronic method. Depending on the lender, you can apply for and pay off your loan through a convenient online service. Through that option, you could make your monthly payments without ever leaving your home! However, that same lender could offer different ways to repay your loan. You may be able to choose a payment method that works best for you. Make sure to ask your lender for all the payment choices available so you can comfortably pay off loans. 

But what if you decide to repay title loans online but don’t have a bank account? Unfortunately, you may not be able to make electronic payments without an account; but don’t stress! You may still opt for several ways to pay back your loan without a bank account:

  • Pay via Phone By Using Your With a Credit/Debit Card or Check
  • A Monthly Automatic Electronic Withdrawal from a Checking Account
  • Mail Checks to Your Title Loan Lender
  • Pay in Person at Your Title Lender’s Office

Speak with your title lender to see if these previously listed payment methods are available.

If you wish to pay off your loan in full at any point during the repayment process, you can ask a lender for a payoff letter. That letter denotes that you will pay off the remainder of the loan in the specified time frame, which is often ten days. 

Once I Pay Off an Auto Title Loan, What is Next?

Whether you paid off your loan early or right on time, the end process of your loan will look the same. Your title lender will return your car’s title to you lien-free, meaning it is no longer collateral for a loan. 

Tips to Pay Off Title Loans

An auto title loan can help several borrowers get back on their feet after a difficult financial situation. If you are experiencing some challenges repaying your loan or aren’t sure how the repayment process will affect your finances, take a look at these tips:

  • Keep Track of Your Billing Statements and Payment Dates
  • Budget for Your Loan Each Month
  • Check In With Your Title Loan Lender if You are Struggling
  • Don’t Miss a Loan Payment By Making a Note on Your Phone’s Calendar
  • Pay More Than the Required Amount When You Can

If you experience any issues during the repayment process, immediately reach out to your lender! You may be able to refinance your loan or explore other options available to you to avoid default. Paying off your title loan doesn’t have to be a hassle!

Apply for Car Title Loans in Your Area Today!

Now that you know how to pay title loans off, it’s time to apply for one! Don’t worry about which title lender to go for, as many options could be the same. However, you must remember that some lenders may have more payment methods than others. So speak to your lender to see your options to repay your loan. If you’re in contact with them, you should also ask them any questions about auto title loans!

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