Lalaloopsy New Episodes this October




Starting next month, Lalaloopsy on Nick Jr. will be premiering new episodes every Saturday, but in a new time slot. 



Other Lalaloopsy announcements:

10/4 — To get you in the Halloween spirit, the spooky Lalaloopsy episode “Knick Knack Knock Knock,” will premiere on Nick Jr.  Don’t miss the action as a mysterious Ghost Dog leads Bea into a spooky mansion, where she meets Scraps Stitched ‘n Sewn – who looks scary but is actually just shy.


10/13 — Lalaloopsy Marathon on Nick Jr., airing from 7-10pm. Tune to watch your favorite Lalaloopsy episodes back to back! (Now, I’d be getting popcorn for that!)


10/14 — Lalaloopsy Babies DVD hits stores! Lalaloopsy Babies premiered #1 in its timeslot on Nick Jr, so we know it’s one fans will want to own!




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