Is the Hydrow Rowing Machine Worth it?


Many people are opting out of studio or gym memberships, but some passionate exercisers have found a way of getting a full-body workout done at home. This has come in the form of the Hydrow Rowing Machine; it is different from the other indoor rowing machines that have a basic performance monitor during work out. Is the Hydrow Rowing Machine Worth it? The subscription-based rowing machine maker, Hydrow, have declared that they have created the future of rowing for the athletes at home. Below are some of the distinctions from other machines in the market.

Hydrow Rowing Machine Features

At first glance, the rower is modern, sleek, and surprisingly noiseless. It fits nicely in a home gym or garage space allocated for morning or evening workouts. The 22-inch touchscreen monitor, computer-controlled resistance, and speakers set the Hydrow apart from the traditional rowers. Apart from that, the Hydrow is also Bluetooth enabled. It is a TechAwards favorite because it offers subscription-based features enabling the rower to access online communities with weekly team races and a live leaderboard.

There is a Hydrow membership fee that allows access to live on-demand classes that are an integral part of the interactive experience. All these are aimed at motivating and encouraging the users during their workouts.

Hydrow Price

The Hydrow’s price, at $2,199, is less expensive than the price of the best treadmills and stationary bikes in the market. The membership fee of $38 that is required to use the machine is cheaper than most gym memberships and is relatively the same as other subscription-based exercising equipment. This membership incorporates a number of features that include extra fitness content such as yoga workouts, a community leaderboard, and live on-demand workouts. The friendly competition prevents boredom during workouts, or one may want a piece of equipment that can be acquired using the immersive online features embedded in this product.

Hydrow Rowing Experience

The Hydrow is a definite improvement compared to the traditional rower for those who are searching for an engaging workout experience. It is more fun and immersive than the lower-cost limited tech models while at the same time giving a more wholesome workout.

There is a computer-regulated resistance on the Hydrow that performs consistently, giving a smooth rowing experience from start to finish. The setup also gives a detailed explanation of the different drag level settings from which the user can select as they wish.

Rowing on the Hydrow does not seem rickety or unstable due to the commercial-grade components that it has; it is a machine that can withstand continuous use.

Hydrow Membership

This is the main distinction between the Hydrow and the standard rower; it includes an assortment of immersive interactive extras. The Hydrow transports the users to different waterways through the touchscreen display. This is a welcome distraction and is an upgrade to the standard machines, especially since it is an alternative to outdoor workouts and gyms.

The membership offers great motivation to the users and is an important part of the Hydrow experience. It draws in people who are fitness enthusiasts and love competition. The users can see where they stand on the leaderboard, and they can see whether they are improving or not. Hydrow promises to make a donation to a non-governmental organization after every 60 rows completed, an additional motivating factor.

The Hydrow unit can be paired with a heart rate monitor that enables the user to measure the rate of exertion that is usually referred to by instructors during the virtual classes. A history workout database lets the user see how they have progressed over time, therefore helping them manage their workouts in the future.

There is also a selection of stretching and strength classes that users can engage in. The on and off the mat instructor-led classes are very helpful.

Hydrow Sound

The Hydrow rower is remarkably quiet to the extent that some users find their breathing to be louder than the machine, even at higher speeds. The seat is ergonomically designed, comfortable, and does not make lots of noise just right for the home workouts.

In sum, the Hydrow Rower is a great addition for people or athletes looking to change up their fitness routines. Its ultra-quiet performance, on-demand classes, and live workouts are some of the impressive attributes of the Hydrow. It is simplified so one can adjust their intensity and effort to get a personalized workout. The Hydrow fits in easily in the living spaces, unlike the big treadmills or stationary bikes.

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