Is It Possible To Road Trip Comfortably As A Family?


If you’ve got young kids, you already know how bored and fidgety they can get in the car. Sure, you’re going to end up in a new destination with a fancy hotel and fun things to do nearby, but you’ve got to get there first! 

And when you combine this lack of attention span with 4+ hours strapped into the back seat, you end up with a frustrating journey you’re probably never going to forget. That’s why it’s so crucial to employ some methods to make your family road trips more comfortable.

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Leave Early Enough That the Kids are Still Sleepy

If you can leave first thing in the morning, before the kids are used to getting up for school, they’re still going to be very sleepy and are likely to drop off soon into your journey. We always recommend heading out before the rush hour starts, but not so early you’re going to have trouble staying awake as well! 

Play Games That Use the Imagination

The more you get the kids to use their imagination, the less you’ll ever hear their complaints about being bored. The imagination is incredibly expansive and anything can happen in it – and you don’t need to rely on the confines of a storybook or a headrest-mounted DVD player to get things going either! Come up with some prompts before you set off and ask them to come up with their own characters and storylines from it. 

Have Travel Sickness Medicine/Equipment on Hand

If this is an issue in your family, make sure your car is well stocked with car sickness medicine, as well as items to deal with any projectile vomiting. A bag to catch the sick in is essential, as are herbal remedies that take the mind off of nausea. And remember, watching out the front window always helps to stave off the feeling of a vomit eruption! 

Get in a Big Enough Car

This tip is for those who are serious about road tripping only. Indeed, if you want to road trip as a family on a regular basis, it’s best to invest in a vehicle that’s going to allow you to do so. Head online to a site like edmunds and have a scout out of second hand vehicles that won’t break the bank. 

Keeping a camper van in the driveway for weekends when you want to take a long distance break can end up making you some lovely memories as a family! You’ll have a lot more space to yourself inside the driver’s cabin as well! That’s always a bonus when you’re heading off on long distance journeys across the country. 

We fully believe that it’s possible to road trip comfortably, even when you’re taking the kids along with you. All you need to do is prepare properly and accordingly, and make sure you’re ready for the moments when the motion sickness gets so bad that your child’s lunch is on the way back up! 

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