Is a Small Wedding an Elopement?


Are you planning for the perfect wedding but trying to keep it small, intimate, and more affordable? You might see a lot of different terms being thrown around from small wedding to elopement, and feel unsure about the difference. Knowing some of the wedding terminologies can help you prepare and know what you’re purchasing if you choose to get a prepaid package.

Your wedding is an incredibly special day. Choosing how you want to celebrate and with who is a big part of the process. Both elopements and small weddings have a lot to offer while not breaking the bank.

Your Choice

The most important part about a wedding is the people actually getting married. This isn’t about the guests or the cake or the place but about expressing your love and celebrate a moment you’ve moved toward from the beginning of your relationship. When deciding what kind of wedding you have, think about what you want.

Don’t worry about the guest list or the food right away. Focus on the type of ceremony you would find most meaningful. Maybe those ideas look like small wedding ideas, or they look like an elopement.


An elopement typically brings to mind a secret ceremony that occurs suddenly and spontaneously. What really separates it from a wedding is that it is generally more private, with only a couple of guests or none at all, and it is only the ceremony. An elopement is done once the ceremony is done. 

You don’t have to plan for a dance floor, multiple venues, a rehearsal dinner, or anything else. It can be a very simple and beautiful way to celebrate. It is also much more cost-effective than a big wedding.

And if you want to have an elopement that still feels more like a small wedding with photography and a beautiful location, you can find packages like at where it’s affordable and still beautiful and intimate.

Small Wedding 

A small wedding mostly differs from a regular wedding because of the guest list size. It brings with it some of the fun of planning without all the costs. There are tons of great small wedding ideas or bigger wedding ideas that can be simplified.

You can still look at small wedding venues and small wedding cakes, but the size and scope of the day are up to you. You can plan a small reception or keep it simple and casual. The main thing to consider is the guest list.

An elopement has the advantage of having possibly no guests so no one feels left out. With a small wedding, you may have some people wondering why they weren’t invited, but it can be easier to only have family around for your big moment.  

Your Day

Whatever you choose, be it a big wedding, going small, or being a little sneaky with an elopement, make sure it’s the ceremony and day you want. No matter the wedding style, it’s about celebrating love and you can do that any way that suits you and your relationship. And a small wedding or elopement is just as valid as a big grand affair with a ballroom and three-course meal.

It’s your wedding and your marriage, so don’t worry and have fun. And if you found this helpful in planning your big day at any size, keep reading for more great tips.

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