How to Save Your Marriage From Divorce


Marriage is a profound commitment that requires considerable thought and willingness to share your life ‘until death do you part’. Despite this intention, many couples find themselves going through divorce, which is prevalent in the United States with almost 50% of marriages dissolving, ranking it sixth in the world for divorce rates.

If you and your partner are struggling in your marriage, it may lead you to contemplate what to do before telling spouse you want a divorce. However, before taking this drastic step, it’s important to give it great thought and explore every option to repair your relationship. 

Rather than immediately filing your divorce papers, take the time to read this article and consider the following tips to help revive your marriage and build a stronger bond with your spouse.


Open and effective communication is essential to maintain a healthy and successful relationship and it is crucial for you and your partner to express your feelings and concerns regarding your marriage to identify any underlying issues. This helps you to create a mutual understanding to work together towards positive changes.

When communicating your problems, it’s important to listen to and accept each other’s feelings and thoughts without being defensive or attempting to change them. It’s natural for certain issues to trigger strong emotions, but it’s essential to keep the goal of reaching common ground in mind. By working together towards a mutual solution, you are more likely to strengthen your relationship. An excellent way to help marriages communicate better is going to a Christian couples retreat. This can help couples gain and use practical tools and relationship skills to improve communication, understand each other’s needs, and discover ways to meet these needs.

Avoid Arguments

When a relationship is heading toward divorce, the parties involved can often be defensive, hostile and critical in their communication with each other. To prevent you and your spouse from parting ways, it is essential to choose words that will not provoke, attack or hurt the other and result in an argument.

Make an effort to understand and show compassion for your partner’s concerns and desires by imagining yourself in their position instead of reacting defensively. If your conversations become tense, avoid responding impulsively or saying things you may regret later. Instead, take a break and give each other the opportunity to calm down and reflect on your emotions before discussing them later in a more constructive and loving manner.

Be Committed 

After uncovering the root causes of your marital problems, it’s important to be dedicated to making the changes necessary to resolve them. By committing to behavioral changes and working together as a team, it may be possible to resolve many of the issues which have caused you to drift apart.

Whether it involves contributing more to household chores or spending more quality time with each other, demonstrating your commitment to improving your marriage is essential. By showing your spouse that you are willing to make the necessary changes, you can strengthen your bond and work towards a happier future together.

Seek Support

When facing marital problems, seeking support from a trusted friend or family member who is impartial and non-judgmental can provide you with an opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings in a supportive environment, helping you to identify patterns of behavior or communication in your relationship that may be contributing to your problems. They may also be able to offer objective feedback and insights on your relationship and suggest ways to approach resolving conflicts and improving communication. 

Be Positive

It can be easy to fall into a negative pattern of behavior and become critical of your spouse and your relationship. However, this can be detrimental if it goes unchecked. Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of your marriage or your partner, try to shift your focus to the positives. One way to do this is to make a list of your spouse’s positive attributes or reflect on what drew you to them and why you committed to spending your life with them.

Renewing your wedding vows and the words of love you exchanged can also remind you of the bond you share and the promise you made to each other. Choosing to consciously focus on the positive can bring about a significant improvement in your attitude and perspective toward your spouse and your interactions with them. 

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling can provide a new perspective on your marriage from an impartial third party who prioritizes your well-being and interests. By both being willing and open to understand and follow the guidance given, it is possible for your marriage to be restored.

With the help of an experienced marriage counselor, you can delve into the root causes of your relationship issues and identify each other’s feelings toward the marriage. A counselor can also help you and your partner find common ground and support you in working through any underlying issues and challenges instead of trying to resolve them alone. By increasing your awareness of your relationship, marriage counseling can help to foster a deeper sense of intimacy and connection between you and your spouse.

As highlighted, there are several ways to address the sources of conflict and distress in your marriage and incorporating these recommendations may help prevent the dissolution of your marriage.

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