How to Promote a KIDS Channel on YouTube


Promotion of kids channel in 2022 – an extremely difficult matter. High competition and strict rules of the administration are the two main obstacles. However, if you put a lot of effort and a little patience, earnings in the tens of thousands of dollars will become a regular income from such a channel!

Multi-million dollar earnings and a relatively simple approach to creating videos are the two components of the popularity of children’s content. Such channels are popular in all countries. Let’s look at how to create and promote a children’s channel on YouTube.

Kids’ channels on YouTube are divided into gray and white

Gray channels are created on the basis of well-known characters, cartoon series. You can play “Piggy Peppa” or individual cartoons in your own way. But if the copyright holder complains about your channel, it will be blocked. Most often, such a situation happens when the channel becomes popular and comes under the attention of copyright holders.

White channels are unique author’s videos: their own cartoons, stories, and events from the lives of children. The latter are released more often since not everyone has the opportunity to create their own cartoons.

Ways To Promote Your Kids YouTube Channel

In recent years, promoting children’s channels for free has become difficult. And today there are so many of them that beginners need to wiggle out and come up with something really flashy – or buy a lot of traffic.

Free channel development options

Lots of videos for low-frequency queries

The method involves occupying a low-competitive niche. It is necessary to promote the channel by keywords for which there are no videos. Views will also be few, so you should post as many videos as possible. Your channel will gradually grow. As the number of subscribers increases, start promoting videos by medium-frequency queries.

Copying a successful channel

This way, you will copy popular content and go to the list of recommended videos for this channel. As a result, some of the traffic will come to you. This is a controversial method that does not guarantee a positive result.

Videos for high-frequency queries

It’s not always necessary to come up with something original in order to dramatically increase popularity. It is not uncommon for unknown channels to appear in the recommended to the most promoted, gaining millions of views from the initial dozens. Subsequent views automatically promote the channel higher.

Advantages of the method – no need to pay for traffic and come up with something new. Disadvantage – such a situation cannot be pulled off intentionally. All this is just a lottery, and it is unreasonable to expect such a miracle with mediocre videos.

Consider the paid promotion option

Buying traffic on YouTube

The method is divided into many variants, as the traffic itself and the methods of its extraction are different. Viewers will be gained even with low-quality content, which in time will bring it to similar to more famous and successful videos. However, they will drop off the list in no time if the traffic stops.

The best option is to create good videos, buy traffic, go to similar videos and grow in keywords.

If the traffic stops, it will either be the same as before, or you will get a steady natural growth on your videos, as well as moving into recommendations for popular videos.

To do this, you need to create videos of above-average quality. You should stop buying traffic gradually, not abruptly. Conduct analytics, study statistics when the channel grows to understand the situation and what it can lead to.

Another option is to use a special service like to promote your YouTube channel. A minimum of effort on your part will bring the desired views and subscriptions.

Where You Can Get Traffic

Popular channels have “friends” among other children’s channels from which they get traffic.

Unpopular channels are left with only 3 ways – Adwords, cheating, and seeding.

There are quite large channels that resort to traffic cheating, but this method should be used very carefully. As a rule, only really experienced YouTubers who have managed to survive several blockings of their channels are engaged in professional cheating. YouTube is able to monitor the fake views through analytics, and in the end, channel owners can face restrictions or blocking. Nevertheless, if you successfully master this tool, you can quickly put the development of almost any topic channel on an industrial track and easily accept orders from third-party customers. Or develop the grid of your own channels!

Adwords and seeding are not much different, but the first option is preferable. With Adwords, you can set up accurate targeting and get analytical data. It allows you to get fewer views, but the quality will be better.

So, seeding will suit those who want to get into trends, and Adwords will suit those who need to increase retention and depth.

In both options, you need to plan your budget so you don’t lose all your money close to your goal.


Competition among channels for kids today is huge – demand is less than supply. At the same time, daily users have increased demands for quality.

However, the number of viewers is also increasing. If you understand the optimization and peculiarities of your audience, as well as are willing to invest financially in the channel, in a few months or years you will begin to make a profit. To reach your first million subscribers, you’ll need to make a lot of videos. Of course, there is also the possibility of luck.

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