How to plan for your kid’s first international vacation


Do you remember the first time you went abroad? I know I do! I was seven years old and heading to Paris on an educational field trip with my school and it was the spark that got me hooked on my life-long addiction to travel.

As an adult, I still felt that same excitement when I was getting my own kids ready for their first international holiday, and that got me thinking about today’s article. I want to share just a few of my top tips for a memorable first international vacation. Let’s get started!

How to plan for your kid’s first international vacation

1.       Let the kids have a say

If you want your children to have a memorable vacation, the best way to get started is to involve them at every step of the process. Encourage them to help you to pick a destination and if you’re going somewhere with a different language, try teaching them the basics before you leave.

2.       Do something different

One way to create a vacation that your kids will never forget is to go out of your way to do something different, whether you’re visiting Tokyo or you’re cruising to Ensenada. We can only go on our first international vacation once, so we need to make it count. 

3.       Make sure your paperwork’s up-to-date

This might seem like an obvious step, but you’d be surprised how often people forget about it. Before you set out and start travelling, take some time to make sure that everything’s in order and that your kids’ passports are in date and travel ready.

4.       Be flexible

Where possible, try to avoid over-committing to your itinerary. It’s better to get a ticket to an attraction that allows you to enter on a day of your choice, rather than on a specific date and time, for example. That way, if plans change (as they often do when you have kids), you can adapt to them without being left out of pocket.


Now that you know how to plan your kid’s first international vacation, you’re ready to go ahead and start booking things in. Remember, the further ahead you book things, the more cash you’re likely to be able to save. So get ready to start packing your carry-on and spend some time looking into your options. Happy travels!

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Melissa Hull
5 months ago

I’m just thankful to my parents for taking me with them on international travels when I was still a kid. I don’t really remember most of them, but at least I have pictures of me in HK, Singapore, and the like.

Mattia Sanna
Mattia Sanna
5 months ago

I watch here the videos I see with my children

Mattia Sanna
Mattia Sanna
5 months ago

I watch here the videos I see with my children and

Casey White
Casey White
4 months ago

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