How to Modify Your Home for Your Aging Parents


Aging in place can help seniors to feel empowered, independent, happy, and healthy by keeping them in a familiar environment, surrounded by loved ones, where they have access to assistance with daily activities. 

In fact, a University of Michigan National Poll on healthy aging found that 88 percent of Americans between 50 and 80 want to age in place. Unfortunately, almost half the respondents haven’t taken steps to achieve this. 

The good news is, you can help your loved one age in place by assisting them in the process. If your current home setup is not be suitable for your aging parent, depending on their accessibility needs, you can modify your home with the following steps to make it safer and more comfortable. 

Widen the Doorways & Install Ramps

If your loved one requires mobility aids, such as a wheelchair or walker, they need more space to maneuver and to navigate the home. Your current doorways may not be wide enough for your parents to move quickly from one room to another, so you can make your home more accessible by widening the doorways. Installing wider doors will also reduce the risk of falls and injuries. 

Another critical element of an accessible home is a ramp, as staircases may be a challenge for seniors who are unsteady on their feet or use a mobility aid to move around. Installing a ramp will allow your parents easy access into and out of your home and between floors. You may need to contact a licensed contractor to install a ramp, as they know the correct height requirement for residential ramps.

Renovate Your Bathroom

The bathroom can be dangerous for seniors as it poses many risks. Your loved one can slip and hurt themselves if they have nothing to hold on to. Renovating your bathroom is crucial for your parent’s safety, and the task is simple when you work with a reputable company offering accessible showers. 

Reach out to Freedom Showers and learn about their wide variety of accessible shower products. You can visit and explore different products, from walk-in and roll-in showers, ADA grab bars, to shower benches, pans, and other accessories. If you’re unsure which product best suits your home, consult their Accessibility Professionals team to streamline the process.

Make the Kitchen Accessible

Your kitchen needs to be accessible to your loved ones, especially if they spend a lot of time alone. As your parents’ age, they may face difficulty getting up from low furniture or using kitchen counters and cabinets that are too high, especially if they are in a wheelchair. Adjust the height of furniture and fixtures to ensure they are easily accessible.

Another thing you should pay attention to is the kitchen stove. Look for appliances with safety features helpful for those aging in place. The National Association of Home Builders’ aging-in-place checklist includes “electric cook top with level burners for safety in transferring between the burners, front controls and downdraft feature to pull heat away from user; light to indicate when surface is hot.”

Incorporate Adequate Lighting

Your parents may struggle to navigate your home due to insufficient lighting. This is a significant risk as it can lead to them falling and sustaining injuries. To reduce this risk, incorporate adequate lighting throughout your home to enhance visibility. 

You can also add motion-sensor lights around your home that turn on when your loved one enters a specific area. The best areas to add motion-sensor lights are in the bedroom, bathroom, and hallway, as your parents may most commonly use these areas at night.

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