How To Help Your Website Win Over More Customers


Behind every successful business is a great website. It can be a challenge to build a great website and maintain its success. Hence, it is a smart idea to take on advice to ensure your website helps your business gain the success it desires.

Should you feel your website lacks professionalism and the ability to win over customers, use these tips. 

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Seek expert SEO advice

Seeking expert SEO advice is a great way to ensure your website is going to be visible in search engines. The experts know what measures to take so that your website performs better. 

You can seek such services and attain their knowledge to help boost your website so that customers can easily discover your business online. Instead of getting lost in the sea of other business websites, your SEO will boost your visibility so you can win over customers.  

Measure data 

To ensure your new website is a hit, it is essential to measure your website’s data to check what posts, content, and pages are performing the best. 

By analyzing your data, you will be able to witness what measures are working and what aren’t. For example, you might notice that the contact us page is achieving poor results due to a lack of contact information or contact form. By adding a form, you can enhance its purpose and make life easier for your customers. After adding new measures, you might notice an increase in success. Hence, you can analyze and determine which new measures are worthwhile. 

Add forms to your pages 

Speaking of adding forms to your website, to best optimize your website for lead generation, it is a smart move to add forms to more pages. 

Adding forms to pages makes life much easier for customers. Adding a contact form means a customer can fill it out and easily get in touch with you. Adding a newsletter signup form to your homepage makes it easier for customers to gain access to your newsletter. 

The more forms you have on your page, the more customers can engage with your business and turn from new customers to loyal customers. 

Add more CTA’s

Call-to-actions are a great way to engage customers and get them to act on website navigations such as getting in touch with you through a ‘contact us’ button. 

The more CTA’s you add to your website, the more engaged customers can be. Asking them to ‘shop now’ and ‘subscribe to updates’ will encourage them to pursue these measures. Hence, you will attain more engaged and loyal customers.

Offer free resources 

Offering freebies of any kind is a great way to help your website win over more customers. Although you can run giveaways and contests through your website and other marketing channels, it can be a great move to offer free resources that are accessible to all customers. 

For example, you might run a marketing business that can offer small businesses or individuals marketing tips through PDF downloads. Offering such free resources will encourage customers/clients to feel appreciated as they will be able to get more for their money when using your business. Instead of gaining access to what they pay for, they will gain more. 

Free resources will attract new customers to your website and if they enjoy the content, they will likely feel encouraged to pay for further resources. 

Add a live chat service

Every business website can benefit from having a live chat service. It enables customers to attain live and fast responses to their queries. Instead of waiting weeks for a response, they can enjoy an immediate solution. 

Should you not be able to offer 24/7 live chat services, let customers know by adding opening and closing times to your service. Then, customers will be aware of when they expect a response. 

Customers will enjoy being able to contact you and chat live without waiting for a response in an email chain. However, some customers will still enjoy emails and phone calls, so keep these communications lines open too. 

Follow up with customers that do not complete their order

If you notice a customer does not complete their order, ensure to follow up and ask why. You might find they found the delivery too expensive. In which case, you can offer them a discount or free delivery. Following up does not look like begging. It simply proves you are interested in the customer and want to ensure they can attain what they are looking for. 

You can follow up through an email or contact them on social media if they leave their information. The more you follow up and nurture potential leads, the more customers will feel encouraged to complete their orders. Hence, your website will win over every customer that feels they want to make an order. 

Share blog posts

If your business can start a blog, why not? Adding a blog to your website is a great way to engage customers and boost search engine rankings. The more regularly you upload content to your website, the better its SEO will be. A blog is a great and purposeful way to upload more content to your website.

You can share product news or insider tips with customers so that they can engage with your business and gain more from your website. Blog posts do not need to be technical or fancy to make a maximum effect. Simple posts and imagery can be enough to enhance your website and win over more customers, all whilst improving your SEO and brand visibility. 

Using these tips, you should be able to boost your website performance and success. Taking the time and using more effort to improve your website will guarantee to translate into more leads. Simply adding more CTAs and using expert SEO help, you should be able to turn more potential customers into loyal customers. The greater your SEO and website is, the more customers will trust your business and want to use yours over others.

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