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Green Living by Kim Davis

Green living means a lot of things to a lot of people. It can be just switching from your favorite brand to a green line of cleaners, saving aluminum and other recyclables, getting a smart or hybrid car or even solar energy. There are so many ways to be green.

Why do people go green, environmentally conscious people believe that by going green they cut down on their carbon footprints this cuts back on the C02 gases which causes global warming. Carbon foot printing is what each person leaves behind as we live our lives and the impact those gasses have on our environment. Examples can be driving our cars, the emissions our cars put out, when we turn on the lights even when we use cleaning products, the trash in landfills emit gasses as it decomposes just about everything we do as we live our lives causes CO2 gasses.

A lot of people don’t believe that we have an issue with global warming so they say why should I change my life style I like it the way it is. For me being green means a healthier way to live. It costs a little more to get started but once you do, most green products save you money and in the end pays for itself.

How I Have Gone Greener And How You Can Start:

You can start small by buying more energy efficient light bulbs, they cost a little more but they save a lot of energy and they last a lot longer. I also save all my aluminum, I hate messing with it and my husband is too busy to care, so I found a local man that uses them to supplement his income. He comes by and picks them up once a week and we are done.

I also recycle cans, paper products and glass items.It frustrates our trash man because we have a ton of trash cans at the side of our house and none of them are for him. He gets one can a week as we save up the rest.

I am slowly switching over to green products to clean my house I believe that the lack of many chemicals in the green cleaners is a big plus. I don’t feel throwing the ones I have out is cost effective so I am using them up and replacing them with green.A lot of my favorite companies are getting on the green band wagon and that makes me happy too. I also use salt, vinegar, baking soda and lemon as natural cleaners and you would be surprised at how well they work.

I also have a compost pile that I use for my garden. I dump everything that will break down and become soil. All the peels, clippings and pet poop goes in that pile. In spring before I till my garden I put plenty of it on top of my garden and then I till it up. My garden also makes me a little greener. Growing your own food with out the use of pesticides not only is good for your land and your neighborhood but it is much better for you. I have been trying various ways to discourage bugs from harvesting for me, like using flowers that a bug hates near a vegetable it loves. The sent will keep it away and I can talk about that more later.

For now,start simple by changing the bulbs to the more efficient ones as yours burn out and start your own recycling center.

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