How to Avoid Dry Hits


Every vaper is familiar with the dreaded dry hit that leaves your throat burning and your mouth tasting like burning tires. To help keep the hits coming smooth, keep in mind the following tips that will guarantee a better vaping experience.

Keep Your Coil Wet

The best way to dodge those rough dry hits is to make sure your coil is always wet. Start by checking your voltage and wattage settings on your battery. If your settings are too high, you may be vaporizing the liquid before the wick gets a chance to soak up the e-liquid. If the issue doesn’t involve your voltage, you may be getting dry hits due to chain vaping. Take slower draws with more time in between each hit to give your wick a better chance to saturate.

Swap Your E-Liquid

Sometimes, high VG e-liquid can contribute to higher chances of dry hits. High VG e-liquid tends to be thicker, which can make it take longer for the wick to fully saturate. To address this issue, you can check out an online vape store to try out a different e-liquid with a higher PG ratio. You can also dilute your current e-liquid with a little bit of distilled water to help thin it out so that the wick will saturate faster.

Keep Your Tank Topped

If you try to take a hit on an empty tank, you’re going to get a dry hit. When there isn’t enough e-liquid in the tank the wick won’t be able to saturate, resulting in the vaper burning cotton instead. Check your tank frequently and always keep it topped up.

Prime Before You Vape

One of the easiest ways to avoid dry hits is to get into the habit of always priming. You can prime your wick by sealing the air holes and taking a careful draw on the drip tip to help ensure that the wick is fully saturated before you take a hit.

Change Your Coil

Make sure you’re keeping up with regular coil changes. Sometimes, you may get a dry hit due to your coil being worn out or having too much build-up. Get in the habit of changing your coil on a regular basis. Depending on your use, you will most likely have to change your coil between 2 to 4 times a month.

By keeping an eye on your unit and practicing regular care and maintenance, you can avoid those dry hits and keep your vaping experience smooth.

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