Get Your License Back: What to Do If Your Professional License Gets Revoked


You worked hard to gain the credibility of a professional license. Long hours studying, costly classes, and textbooks. However, one mistake on (or off) the job could change your life forever.

If your professional license is being investigated for misconduct, then you don’t want to risk losing your license forever. The next steps you take could make or break your case.

Having your professional license revoked means you can’t legally practice in your chosen profession. Learn how to get your license back by reading this guide.

What Is a License Suspension or Revocation?

When you have your professional or occupational license revoked, it means that you are not legally allowed to perform your job. This can last for a certain amount of time or it could be permanent.

A license suspension affects your livelihood and career. Not just while your license is revoked but long afterward. That’s because it becomes public record so future employers, clients, patients, and insurance companies will have this information.

What many professionals don’t realize is that even misconduct that happens outside or unrelated to work can also cause you to have your license suspended or revoked. Ultimately, the agency that provided your license also has the power to take it away.

Get Your Professional License Back

Now that your license is suspended, your first question is most likely, when can you get it back? The amount of time it takes to have your license returned can depend on what type of license it is. 

Medical Practitioner

For example, a medical license for doctors or nurses could take at least three years to be returned. This is particularly if it was due to professional misconduct. A nursing license defense attorney is recommended for nurses who want to petition to reinstate their license if they feel a mental or physical illness was the cause of the revoked license.

Real Estate Agent

If you are a real estate broker or salesperson, you may need to way a year after your license was revoked in order to petition to get it back. 


A professional engineer may need to wait at least three years, depending on the state law, before they can petition to reinstate their license. 

Insurance Broker License

An insurance broker license is a bit different in that there isn’t a specific amount of time before you can apply for a reinstatement of your license. However, there is a five-year period where your license can be denied by the Department of Insurance without a hearing. 

This then begins a new five-year period of your revoked professional license.

How Can a License Defense Attorney Help?

When allegations are first made against you, it’s time to reach out for legal help. An unfavorable ruling is more expensive and difficult to defend than the initial allegations. 

It’s important to seek legal advice from a professional as soon as allegations are made against you. This is because the longer you wait the harder it is to defend yourself.

An attorney in your area is familiar with your rights and state laws regarding your specific profession. So they can help protect you and get your license back as soon as possible.

Don’t Risk Losing Your License

It can be scary to have your professional license suspended. No one wants to risk losing their license and career forever. Especially after all the work you’ve put into it.

The best thing you can do is to seek legal advice from an attorney in your area. Every state and profession is different. A professional attorney will know how to best proceed.

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