Fundamental benefits of chiropody and podiatry that you must know


There are two different categories of a foot doctor: chiropodist and the other is a podiatrist. They are not the same. Both serve different purposes. Chiropodists primarily offer services like foot inserts and ease the pain. However, over time, it was essential for them to register themselves to provide the service. Also, in the later stages, it was seen that the podiatrists replaced them. They are interchangeable terms. So if you are experiencing any pain in your feet and cannot deal with it yourself, you can also go for a podiatry visit. 

Only an experienced doctor can help you with the right diagnosis and treatment. The way people view chiropody and podiatry Guelph today was not the same earlier. It has undergone tremendous change owing to the increasing demand. People have increasingly realized the importance of foot care for overall health. 

How can chiropody and podiatry help you in treating pain?

  • Corns and calluses: Corns and calluses, hard skin on the feet, are more than just aesthetic problems. Though they do not cause any pain and irritation, they can be a cause of concern in the long run. They may cause pain and prevent movement shortly. It is a podiatrist who can help you with the problem. They can even remove the bunions, calluses, and problematic skin by using non-invasive and safe procedures. 
  • Toenails: If you are a person who is suffering from toenail pain, then you should make use of foot care clinics. The disease can prevent movement and might also cause unimaginable pain. A podiatrist can help to diagnose the root problem and provide the right medicines. Any fungal and nail infection can also be treated by them effectively. 
  • Orthotic inserts: Often, the shoes that you wear can cause problems in your feet. People with flat feet and high arches often suffer from this illness. The podiatrist tries to address this problem with the help of orthotic inserts. They provide customized support to the feet and thus make walking even more comfortable for you. Also, custom–made insoles are often beneficial for them who suffer from biomechanical problems. They help to prevent excessive pronation in the feet.
  • Prevention over cure: The podiatrist and the chiropodist will always tell you that prevention is better than cure. It will help you avoid any surgery. They provide assistance to prevent any further problems by prescribing the right footwear and orthotic inserts. They may also help you with proper exercise and yoga asanas required to deal with the situation. Regular walking is essential to keep the lower part of your body active. It will have a positive impact on the overall wellbeing of the body. 

Hence going for genuine chiropody is a better option than trying to worsen the situation. It will help you diagnose the disease in the initial stage and treat it wilt the right approach. Only a podiatrist and a chiropodist can help take necessary care of your feet. Healthy feet is the doorway to a healthy body.

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Lola Osinkolu | Chef Lola's Kitchen

Great info!

Think Botanicals
10 months ago

The chiropractor put me on my feet after the injury. I could not even for about 2 years, until I got to a good specialist! Immensely grateful! And yes, this is a great article!

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