Five Careers in Education Besides Teaching


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The educational field offers career opportunities beyond traditional teaching roles. In Maine, for instance, the education sector has seen a significant surge in job opportunities over the years. According to the Maine Department of Labor, the education and health services sector had the highest employment growth rate in the state, accounting for 39% of all job growth between 2016 and 2026. This growth highlights the many lucrative career paths available in education, from instructional design to educational administration, counseling, and research.

In today’s world, the demand for education professionals is higher than ever before. The traditional career trajectory of becoming a teacher is only one of many options for those interested in this dynamic field. The industry now offers vast career paths, each with unique personal and professional growth opportunities. Whether you are interested in curriculum development, academic research, or working with students outside the classroom, the education industry has much to offer. 

This article will assess some of the most promising careers in education beyond teaching, exploring the unique opportunities and challenges each presents. 

  • Instructional Coordinator

An instructional coordinator is a pivotal figure in education, responsible for designing and implementing curricula, training teachers, and evaluating student outcomes. With the need to stay updated with educational standards, the role of instructional coordinators has become more critical in ensuring optimal learning environments for student success. You can explore the online courses offered by the University of Southern Maine that offer excellent innovative educational programs that equip education students with the skills required to ensure they meet the highest standards of academic excellence. These online programs cater to a diverse student body worldwide, offering a flexible and convenient way to pursue advanced degrees or professional development. 

Instructional coordinators play a crucial role in course design and delivery. They work closely with subject matter experts, instructional designers, and technology specialists to develop a comprehensive curriculum that is engaging, challenging, and effective in achieving learning outcomes. 

  • Program Manager

As a program manager, you would be responsible for overseeing and implementing education programs, policies, and initiatives to help achieve the goals of an educational institution or organization. 

The job requires strong leadership skills and the ability to work effectively with diverse stakeholders, including administrators, teachers, and students. You would have to develop and manage budgets and track and report on program outcomes and effectiveness.

To excel as a program manager in education, you must have a deep understanding of education policy and best practices and excellent organizational and project management skills. You should also possess strong analytical skills to help identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

The demand for program managers in education will continue to grow across the United States. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of training and development managers, a related occupation, will grow by 7% from 2020 to 2030, faster than the average for all occupations. Moreover, you can earn a median annual salary of $120,130, with an hourly rate of $57.76. 

  • Curriculum Adaptation Specialist

As a curriculum adaptation specialist, you would modify existing curricula to ensure they are inclusive, culturally relevant, and accessible to all learners.

The role requires a high level of expertise, a deep understanding of pedagogical theories and practices, and an awareness of diverse students’ needs. You will be working with teachers, administrators, and other education professionals to assess and modify existing curricula to meet the growing needs of the students they serve.

To excel in this role, you must develop the ability to analyze and interpret data, have excellent communication and collaboration skills, and design and deliver training programs for teachers and staff. You must also have a deep understanding of education policies and regulations and be able to adapt curricula to comply with these regulations while still meeting the needs of students.

The demand for curriculum adaptation specialists will grow in the coming years as educational institutions increasingly recognize the importance of inclusive and culturally relevant curricula. It is especially true as schools and universities adapt to remote and hybrid learning models. 

  • Student Coordinator

As a student coordinator, you would be pivotal in supporting students’ academic and personal success. Your job would involve working closely with students to identify their needs and provide the necessary resources and support to help them thrive academically.

The role requires strong organizational and interpersonal skills and a deep understanding of students’ challenges in their academic journeys. You need to develop relationships with students, their families, teachers, and other education professionals, to ensure that each student receives the individualized support they need to succeed.

As per, you can earn a median annual wage of $46,850, with the highest salary being $70,240. Your primary responsibilities will include implementing and monitoring student activities, planning school events, including co-curricular and extracurricular activities, and coordinating student progress with staff members. 

If you have a passion for education and want to impact students’ lives, a career as a student coordinator may be the perfect fit. With a challenging and rewarding job that offers opportunities for growth and development, you can play a crucial role in supporting students’ academic and personal success, helping to shape the future of education, and ensuring that all learners have the support they need to thrive.

  • School Career Counselor

As a school career counselor, you would be responsible for helping students explore their career options, set career goals, and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve those goals. You would work closely with students to help them identify their strengths and interests and then provide guidance on translating those qualities into meaningful and fulfilling careers.

To excel as a school career counselor, you must be able to assess students’ skills and interests and provide guidance on how to leverage those qualities in the job market. You should also be able to stay up-to-date on industry trends and job market data to help students make informed decisions about their careers. 

According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, school career counselors and advisors can earn up to $60,510 annually, with an hourly rate of $29.09. It requires a master’s degree in education with a job growth rate of 10%. Moreover, you can expect an employment change of 32,400 in this field until 2031. 


The field of education offers diverse career paths beyond teaching, each with its unique challenges and opportunities. Whether you aspire to be an instructional coordinator, program manager, curriculum adaptation specialist, student coordinator, school career counselor, or any other role, there is no shortage of ways to make a meaningful impact on the lives of learners.

As the education landscape continues to evolve, it is more crucial than ever to have a skilled and diverse workforce dedicated to improving the quality of education for all. Pursuing a career in education can play a critical role in shaping your society’s future and helping create a more equitable educational environment.

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