Engraved in Your Heart: 7 Ways to Keep the Memories of a Loved One Alive


Love and laughter do not last. Grief can be all-consuming when a loved one passes away. Your loved one will live on forever in your heart and the memories you have of the time you spend with them, but in the beginning, it is hard to conjure up those good memories.

If your loved one opted for a burial, you can contact Granite Memorial Designer for a headstone that tells everyone they were loved. The headstone can also tell a little about your loved one with a statue, carvings, and words.

Here are 7 ways to keep the memories of your loved one alive:

  1. Set Up A Permanent Memorial

This could be a park bench located in the local park or a monument style bench within the cemetery. There are many places that would love to have a bench or some type of playground equipment that has your loved one’s name on it.

Look at places he or she frequented or enjoyed when they were alive. A dog park, a butterfly or bee sanctuary or a hiking trail are all great places to erect a memorial bench in honor of a loved one that passed away.  

  1. Plant a Tree or Garden

For a living monument to your loved one that has gone on to the heavens, you may want to plant a tree in their honor. Choose a tree that will grow and last for many years. However, do not put a plaque on the tree, but place it on the ground so that it will not disrupt the tree growth.

An entire garden dedicated to your loved one is a great idea for it can be used in so many different ways. You can see if there is a small plot of land near an underdeveloped portion of town and offer instructions and hands-on-training for gardening. You could also see about planting a garden in a schoolyard to teach children where their food comes from and how to plant food at home.

If you plant a garden in your own yard, you can donate the bounty to a local food pantry in your loved one’s name. A gift of food or a garden will keep giving to the community and be appreciated by people for years to come as a remembrance of a person you loved.

  1. Set Up a Scholarship

Was there something your loved one enjoyed more than anything in the world? Maybe they loved going to the theatre,   ballet, a horse racetrack or following a local little league sports team. Setting up a scholarship for those who cannot afford to attend these events would be a great way to memorialize your loved one.

For something like a racetrack, there may be an organization that trains therapy horses for those with different disabilities. They would greatly appreciate a donation or a yearly scholarship offering for those who cannot afford this type of recreational therapy.

A scholarship to a community college or a preschool is another option for a lasting donation in your loved one’s name. Not everyone can afford to go to school, and that includes young children.

  1. Set Up a Foundation

If your loved one passed away due to an unusual illness or circumstance, you may be able to set up a foundation in their honor. There are rules and regulations for a nonprofit organization, but they often help many people who are suffering from the same illness your loved one had.

The families of these individuals are always looking for support, answers, and others who are or have gone through the same or similar issues. You will need a lot of time to dedicate yourself to such an endeavor as running a foundation, or get reliable help, but it could be just what you need to help with your own grief.  

  1. Personal Memorials

A personal memorial could be something for the family only. It could be in the form of a scrapbook with many photos and mementos of the person who is no longer with the family. This type of book can be cherished and passed down from family member to family member.

Another lasting personal memorial would be a video or digital program featuring still photos and movies of your loved one. This can be uploaded to a cloud computing service and last for a lifetime of viewing of all that will be born long after the person is gone.

  1. Feed the Homeless or Less Fortunate

You could start an annual dinner in the name of your lost loved one. Each year, on a holiday, gather your friends and family and feed the less fortunate and homeless. Thanksgiving and Christmas are days that many people are alone and could use a good home-cooked meal.

If you do not have a large enough space in your home, contact local churches and other organizations that might allow you and your family to put on a dinner for those who have nothing at the holiday. Have everyone in your family make or purchase special food that your loved one really liked. Chances are there are going to be others who had a similar taste for that food.

  1. Sponsor a Family for The Holidays

Many communities have a giving tree in which those who can, provide as much as they can for a family that has come upon hard times. This may be through a church or other organization. Your family could gather all the items to the family list and donate to them in the name of your dearly departed loved one.

Families fall on hard times throughout the year, so you may want to donate through a local church or charity during the back to school season or Easter or some other time. Anything and everything donated to those without is always greatly appreciated.

You will never forget your loved one, however, the grief will get easier to deal with. By setting up a memorial or donating on behalf of your loved one, you will honor their memory and ensure others know how much they were loved.

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