How to Easily Design Your Own Website


If you want to design your own brand new website, but you cannot afford to hire a professional designer, don’t give up! Designing a great site layout may seem an impossible task, but if you stick to the basics and try not to overdo, you can still achieve amazing results with minimal efforts. The whole process is also much more enjoyable than you think and is surely going to put all your skills to a challenge.

In our short guide, we will cover all the basics to teach you how to quickly design a nice and catchy website, what mistakes you should avoid, and what details you must pay attention to.

  • Choose the right WordPress Theme

There are a lot of wonderful themes you can purchase or download for free on the internet. You can choose a stylish one as Divi, a more elegant one such as Hemingway or a colorful one such as Enigma. It’s up to you and to what your website is about. Keep in mind that you need to know the tastes of your potential customers beforehand, but it’s not so hard.

  • Customize its visuals

A theme is just the “launch pad” from which you’re starting your journey towards your final website layout. You still need to add the pictures, build the page and design its visuals to make it feel as unique as possible. Nothing is less interesting than a website that just looks like the other 100 you visited before it.

There are a lot of options for great drag and drop design software that helps you by providing cool and smooth pre-made templates. You can change fonts, add frames or modify your text and pictures with a lot of cool effects and filters.

  • Write some content

If you cannot hire a professional writer, you should write your own content. It’s not as hard as it seems, however. Just to try to keep it on point, and split your topics into different pages. A whole website with nothing but pictures may look nice, but users will be confused and might have a hard time navigating it. Also, the text is what tells Google what is your website about, and it is thus necessary to index it. And if a website is not indexed on Google, well… nobody is going to see it, no matter what.

  • Talk about your mission

Your website may look cool and colorful but… who are you? That’s the first question many visitors will ask, and that’s why having an About Us page is so important. What’s this website about? What’s your mission? Who are you? What previous experiences does your company have in this industry or market? The more believable is the person or business behind a site, the more credible the website is as a whole.

  • Think about usability

Your website is not just a few pages connected to each other. It is an organic structure, like a city, that your users must roam and visit. In this regard, the user interface is like the highway through which your customers will visit your city. How accessible your website is? Elements such as the navbar, the buttons, and the internal links will determine whether your visitors will keep exploring your website, or simply leave it as soon as the saw the first page.

  • Tidy up your design

After finishing your basic layout, think about it as nothing but a prototype. Get some feedback from your visitors in the form of blog comments, install some inspection tool such as Inspectlet, or simply ask people around you what do they think about it. Even if you think it looks good, there’s still an ample margin to improve it and make it even smoother and usable.

  • Test your site on different devices

So your website finally looks gorgeous on your 27’’ desktop monitor. But how awfully cluttered does it look on a smartphone screen? We’re in 2017 now, and most of the internet traffic is now on mobile devices rather than on desktop PCs. This means that you need to optimize its visuals and layout on them as well, and the only way to know whether it works on that new smartphone is to test it on as many devices as you can.

Thanks to our general guidelines, maybe you’re not ready to start working with a digital agency, but at least you have a basic understanding of how to build a site layout. It will be so nice that you will just need to sit down and watch people visiting it every day!

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6 years ago

People sometimes forget to tea t out their website on several devices. Glad that you included that.

Jesse B
6 years ago

You should check your website on Google Search Console. It will crawl your website and tell you what you can improve on. It will show if anything is wrong on your website or if it is mobile friendly!

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