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Niko is a big, big fan of the popular PBS show Dinosaur Train! In fact, some days that’s all he talks about. And, wherever we go, you can be certain at least on Dinosaur Train toy or DVD is somehow attached to his little body. In the car, Dinosaur Train DVDs must be playing at all times! Personally, I think I know the scripts to ever Dinosaur Train DVD ever made!

Recently Niko was giving the opportunity to review two Dinosaur Train DVDs! Plus the fabulous InterAction Tiny from TOMY and Dinosaur Train: Ride the Holiday Train Book!

Let’s just say the little guy was in heaven when he opened the package and seen all the neat Dinosaur Train paraphernalia inside.

Ride The Holiday Train

Since Niko has been old enough to enjoy bed-time stories we’ve made it a nightly tradition to read a new book each night. Since the arrival of Ride The Holiday Train, it’s been the only book we are allowed  to read for the time being. He insist on the nightly ritual.  Needless to say, Niko loves his need book and has not tired of the story yet. Kids are funny that way, whey they have a favorite you can’t get them to part with it for anything.

This year the Pteranodon heads to the North Pole in hopes of winter solstice. As the family engages in hockey, and builds snow dinosaurs while decorating for the upcoming winter solstice. Dinosaur Train, Ride the Holiday Train is a brightly illustrated engaging flap book recommended for ages  2/5, however Niko is 6 and he just loves it!


Dinosaur Train-Dinosaurs A to Z DVD

Niko had watched the Dinosaur Train Dinosaurs A to Z I believe twenty times since it’s arrival. And yes, I’m pretty sure at this point I can totally recite the entire script, I go to sleep with it on the brain and wake up with it on the brain. I love it when my little guy likes such innocent programs such as those PBS puts out.

In Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs A to Z, Buddy, Mom and Tiny gather 26 dinosaurs for an A to Z  picnic at Toodon Town! Along the way they meet new dinosaurs as well as learn the classification of all 26 dinosaurs which is something Niko really truly enjoyed.

A special holiday bonus episode includes Solstice Time. The Pterodon family enjoy a yearly tradition in Toodon Town of the Festival of Lighting while ice skating.

Dinosaur Train Big Big Big

Niko has equally enjoyed watching the Dinosaur Train Big Big Big. He bounces back and forth between the two new DVDs and keeps them running in the background even while playing with his toys. In the marvelous Dinosaur Train Big Big Big T.Rex and Buddy and Pteranodons board a train and travel back to the Jurassic period! They earn their very own junior conductor hat and even meet an adopted dinosaur! A very, big and very cute DVD.

For More Dinosaur Train DVDs visit their online store.


Interaction Buddy Tiny

Niko carries his Tiny Pteranodon InterAction Figure everywhere he goes, and I mean EVERYWHERE! Seriously the boy is addicted to Dinosaur Train. And it’s really just adorable to watch him interact with his new friend Tiny Pteranodon!

Tiny Pteranodon InterAction Figure is based on Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train PBS series. With SmartTalk technology Tiny has the ability to recognize and interact with other dinosaurs in the line. With a simple push of a button Tiny shares her messages by waving her wings:  Tiny also makes sounds when she walks, stomping sounds. Tiny features a fully pose-able head, legs, arms, and tail. It’s truly an interactive dinosaur experience.


  • Based on the new Henson PBS show, the Dinosaur Train
  • SmartTalk technology gives Tiny the ability to recognize and interact with other dinosaurs in the line
  • Press her button, and as she shares tons of fun dino data
  • Its truly an interactive dinosaur experience
  • For ages 3+ years

For More Dinosaur Train Toys visit their online store.


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