Decorating and Furnishing a Playroom


If you have kids, chances are, you’ve realized how important it is for them to have their own space to spend time in. Kids tend to like to undertake all sorts of activities at home, from playing with toys to arts and crafts. Making sure that the space they do this in is appealing and has everything they need can aid their advancement and also add a nice touch to your home’s overall aesthetic. So, what can you do to make your little ones’ space the best that it can be? Here are a few ideas to help you along the way!

Choosing a Color Palette

Every room should have a color palette to ensure that things match. Most of us opt for relatively neutral color palettes in our homes – whites, creams, greys, magnolias and mushrooms. But for kids’ rooms, brighter colors tend to be better. They’re much more engaging for young children and can help them have an enjoyable sensory experience in the space you provide them with. You may also want to go beyond bright walls. There are plenty of borders, wallpapers, wall stickers and other special touches that can truly add a personalized touch to your little one’s space. Whether they’re into princesses, astronauts, wildlife or anything else, there’s bound to be something out there that they’ll love!

Storage Solutions

We’ve all experienced the chaos of a kid’s room when the kid is left to their own devices. Chances are, you could do without standing on another Lego brick or miniature car in your life. The best way to organize a little one’s space? Storage solutions. There are so many different options out there that what’s right for you will depend entirely on what you have to store. If your kid has lots of toys, look into a toy chest or a toy box. If they have lots of books, you can get child-height low bookshelves (just make sure to attach these to the walls and discourage climbing). If your kid has a TV in their playroom, you should consider buying a modern TV stand. The list goes on. Ultimately, the aim is to ensure everything your child has a neat and tidy space where it belongs.


Every room also needs lighting. This will brighten it up on dark and dull days and provide a source of light at night. But kids lighting options don’t have to be as standard or minimalistic as the ones many of us have spread throughout the rest of our home. Why not make lighting more fun? Toy lamps in the shape of cowboys and aliens. Cloud lights for the ceilings. Light up mobiles. Cute night lights. There are plenty of options. Just shop around to find something that suits your child and your home.

Of course, there are countless other elements of your little one’s room that you can invest in. Hopefully, some of the areas outlined above will prove useful for you!

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Ray A.
Ray A.
3 years ago

again love this article. great ideas..

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