Crocs Shoes are a MUST for back to school this year!




In my home, Crocs are a household name. Every member of my family insists on at least one pair of Crocs every year! Sometimes, they even end up with a couple of pairs each. This year the must have’s for the girls are the Crocs Wellie Rain Boots. Summer, winter, spring and fall, my girls and all their friends insist that rain boots their go-to shoe for just about every occasion this year. My girls, and their friends have been known to roll-out-of-bed in their checked PJ’ bottoms, slip into a comfortable t-shirt, pull-on their boots and head off to school. And, I suppose as long as they keep up the good grades, I’ll let them go off in their PJ bottoms.  I love the Crocs Wellie Rain Boots. In fact, they really are perfect for just about everything. I love wearing them in the garden too! They come in a variety of colors including, Black/Mulberry | Espresso/Forest | Forest/Navy | Navy/Cranberry |Cranberry/Mulberry I could own a pair for every garden outfit. Or, my girls could own a pair in every color for each school outfit. Okay, yes they wear clothes and not just PJ’s and tees, but I think it’s funny that girls actually go out of the house like that. When I was a kid, would never have dreamed of leaving the house in anything less than our best. Of course, we would have worn the awesome Crocs Wellie Rain Boots with our outfits back in the day too. The Crocs Wellie Rain Boots are classic pull-on-style. Rubber outsole pods to improve traction, fully molded Croslite™ material for lightweight cushioning for added comfort and waterproof. They feel great on and look amazing with just about any outfit. I love them!

For the male crew of the house, they are off to a running start with their Men’s Crocs Retro Sneaker. Now, my boys are all about style and fashion. They are by far worse than the girls in our family. In fact, they even spend more time in the bathroom than the girls do! Vintage is in, it’s hot, it’s on every guys and gals back-to-school shopping list. My boys love these sneakers. Not only have they complemented on the comfort, but they have repeatedly commented on their unique Vintage appeal. These Vintage, 80’s style sneakers come in Black/Smoke | Pewter/Volt Green | Navy/Red | Ocean/burst. The Men’s Crocs Retro Sneakers have the Croslite drop-in midsole for extra comfort. Plus they have the EVA midsole inlays with the mesh & synthetic suede uppers for added vintage appeal. My boys are the kind of boys that like to be unique in fashion; they like to be the “first” to wear something and have all their friends follow them. Which, I guess I prefer my kiddos to be leaders rather than followers. My boys even wear pink and call it the new black. They have a lot of self-esteem and pride themselves in everything they do. If my boys say the Men’s Crocs Retro Sneakers are the “hottest” guys shoe this year, you better believe they are.

Crocs has some of the most amazing and comfortable shoes on the planet. I know because I buy them for myself too. I have so many pairs of Crocs I lost count years ago. The funny thing is, even when the shoe is starting to look old, I can’t bring myself to toss them. While they may look old, they still feel great on my feet. And to me comfort is just as important and style and fashion.

Crocs offers and amazing selection of Girls shoes, Boys, shoes, Men’s Shoes and Women’s shoes. And, don’t forget to check out the Crocs Shoe Sale section, you can find amazing deals on the sales page!
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