Chronic Snoring – Causes and Treatments


Snoring is more than just a nuisance; it’s dangerous to your health and can also be dangerous to the health of any bed-mate of yours. When you snore, you can dry up and damage the inside of your mouth and throat due to the rattling that causes this sound. Snoring can also interfere with your sleep and the sleep of those around you and this can have very serious health consequences.


Very often snoring is caused by excessive tissue in the soft palate, meaning the roof of the mouth near your throat. When air rushes over this tissue, it causes it to vibrate and make the sound of snoring. A dentist can usually remove this tissue in their office, either with a scalpel or with a laser. This opens the airways and allows a person to breathe more freely.

More causes for snoring are:

  • Alcohol Consumption – this happens when consumed in plenty before bed
  • Age
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity


You can try some home remedies to help stop snoring, as well seek medical attention if the snoring is severe and does not go away. Below are ways to reduce and treat snoring:

1. Sleeping Position

If you lie on your back, you make the tongue collapse to the back wall of your throat and this may cause vibration sound during sleep. You can try sleeping on your side to prevent this from happening. You can also use a body pillow that will help you sleep on your side and reduce snoring. If you have elderly people in your house, make sure they sleep on comfortable cotton pillows for they are more prone to congestion from dust that comes with fluffy bedding.

2. Use of a Mouth Piece

This a device that will help you keep airways open at night to help you stop snoring. It is easy to wear and is very common to the people who have snoring problems. This piece work by pushing your jaw forward and this expands your upper airways and reduces the air resistance that may cause sleep issues. You can get more information at Uplifting Mobility regarding these mouthpieces.

3. Exercise

You need to watch your weight if you want to have a good sleep. Too much weight will not only make you obese but also deprive you of a good sleep. Take a few minutes per day to do the exercises you feel comfortable. You can try to go to the gym, walk, swim and also watch your diet. This will improve your neck muscle tone and help you stop snoring.

4. Reduce Alcohol Intake

Too much beer in your body will cause you more harm than good. It is very uncomfortable to smell of beer and snore when sleeping especially if you share a bed with your partner. Do not deny others a good sleep due to your snoring. If you know you have a sleep apnea, control your alcohol intake and mostly before bedtime.

5. Use air Purifiers

If you are allergic and often get nasal congestion due to dust, pets or any other particles around your home that could be causing congestion, get some purifiers for your bedroom. They will purify the air and make it smooth for you to inhale. You can also get over the counter inhalers to help in de-congestion.

6. Stay Hydrated

Snoring can also be reduced by taking plenty of water. Dehydration may make the secretions in your nose and soft palate stickier and cause snoring. Water also reduces de-congestion especially the one caused by cold and flu. It also helps in maintaining your weight for it occupies space in your stomach and makes you reduce the amount of food you eat.

7. Go for Surgery

If even after trying all the home remedies the snoring does not stop or reduce, you need to seek medical advice. The doctor might decide to have you undergo a surgery to improve your nasal airflow. There are minor surgeries for outpatients that do not require you to be hospitalized. Let your doctor advise you on what you need to improve your breathing and reduce snoring.

Sleep plays an important role in your physical and emotional health. Not getting enough sleep may lead to high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases. Chronic snoring can cause sleep deprivation not just for you but for those who sleep near you. Once you realize you have a snoring problem, you can try the above ways and enjoy your sleep.

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