Building Healthy Self-Esteem: A Real-World Guide for Moms


There are over 2 billion mothers worldwide!

When you’re a part of this large and influential group, there can be a lot of pressure to do it all and get it all right. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get everything right all the time and if you take it to heart it can prevent you from having a healthy self-esteem.

However, getting rid of this mindset can be easier said than done. If you are a mom that is struggling with self-esteem issues here are a few tips that will help you get beyond it.

1. Set Realistic Goals

Nothing can crush your self-esteem faster than setting unrealistic goals for yourself. Life rarely follows a straight path. You will always find that there are a few bumps and curves on the road to success.

In order to accommodate these unforeseen changes, you need to be flexible. It is often said that a delay is not a denial and this is very true.

If you do not accomplish a dream or a goal in the time frame that you had imagined you should not discard it and become depressed. Simply, keep trying. 

2. Remember Your Past Achievements

When you are feeling depressed it can be hard to remember just how successful you were in the past. This is when you should try to remember all that you have accomplished.

Everyone has things that they went through that they thought would destroy them but it didn’t. It’s good to keep a journal of these events so that when you are feeling depressed you can use it to build your confidence.  

3. Spruce Up Your Look

One of the best ways to feel better about yourself as a mom is to upgrade your look. Upgrading your look can be as simple as trying a new shade of lipstick to doing mommy makeover plastic surgery. Whatever you do make sure that you are comfortable with it.

It can also be helpful to buy new clothes to treat yourself or getting your nails and hair done. You can even go to a spa for a day.

Think about going away for the weekend with your friends. When you return you are sure to feel refreshed and ready to resume mommy duties again.

The bottom line is that you should take a break and pamper yourself. 

A Final Look at How to Build Healthy Self-Esteem

Having healthy self-esteem as a mom is very important because you are a role model for your children. If you don’t show them how to value themselves then it will be hard for them to succeed in life.

That is a big job and it can make you feel as if you are never doing enough. Rest assured that this feeling is not isolated. Even supermoms sometimes feel inadequate.

The key is to be realistic with your goals, remember how much you have accomplished so far and take some time to pamper your self.

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