Benefits of Early Pedriatic HIV Disclosure



Pediatrics is a medicine branch that deals with medical care and the health of the infants. The treatments and attention given to these infants differ from country to country. There are several advantages associated with disclosing Children that are born of HIV to pediatric care. Many children born with HIV. Some parents do not disclose this child to pediatric care early enough hence causing them problems in the future.

The decrease in mortality rate.

Pedriatic disclosure that is early enough to the younger children with HIV helps reduce the mortality rate since the children start receiving medication right on time. It makes the child responsible for his/her treatment. This makes them know how important it is to take their medication severe hence, reduction in death rates. 

The decrease in depression and anxiety in the children

Early disclosure to these children makes them engage in medication actively and maintain the treatment. They grow up knowing their medical conditions. Late exposure can lead to the children developing emotional stress since they find it difficult to understand and accept their medical conditions. Being exposed early to this medication, therefore, reduces depression and anxiety. When the children on medication, it is rare or them to attend after hour pediatrics for urgent care.

Reduces suspicions during regular clinic visits

Early disclosure helps reduce suspicion when a child is taken to the clinic regularly. The child can understand the reason he/she has regular visits. They are also able to know how to live privately with their statuses to avoid stigmatization. This also enables the child to cooperate fully to his/her parents and caregivers.

Makes the children feel normal

Since the children are exposed to early pediatric care, they can be taken through counseling sessions by the doctors. They talk so to them to make them understand the kind of disease they are suffering from and how they should be able to associate with others.  They are made aware that they are just average and the condition is nothing that they should stress themselves about since they can control it. This makes the children gain the confidence to take their medication without fear or feeling embarrassed about themselves. This helps them feel normal, like the other kids.


Some parents and caregivers find it difficult to start early pediatric care to their children who are HIV positive. However, some of them say that the children are too young to be exposed to the truth. This, therefore, hinders them to get pediatric care, which is vital in their situations. Lack of this care might cause a lot of harm to the children, which may lead to their parents or caregivers regretting. These kids require special attention because some of them come from remote areas, and this might hinder them from accessing after hour pediatrics for urgent care. This is in cases where the child might fall sick at odd hours and need emergency medication. Children should, therefore, be exposed to early HIV pediatric exposure. This will help the children grow healthy without complications.

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