Back to School, Back to Your Routine: Time to Focus on Your Weight Loss Goals


Back-to-School can mean only one thing: back to a routine. Cue a sigh of relief from moms as they’re able to re-calibrate their schedules with a little more consistency. One of the key benefits of this return to routine is the fact that structure is the perfect system around which to build your renewed focus on weight loss. Learn how getting back into the routine can help you refocus and recommit to your health and wellness goals.


The first thing you’ll notice about the return of your routine is how much easier it is for you to build little blocks of time in for exercise. With the kids back on a routine, you can create a similar routine for you. You might be able to squeeze in a quick at home workout before you have to take the kids into school, or just before you have them back at home. Perhaps there are other moms in your neighborhood who’re interested in going on jogs together, or maybe you’ve found a great local gym. Whatever your routine, you’ll find that exercise is easy to adjust to if you make the time. While this might mean waking up an hour earlier, once you make it a habit it will be easier to stick to.


One of the main benefits of the kids going back to school is returning to a consistent eating schedule without the endless temptations. Instead of endless summer BBQs filled with treats, you can set better controls over what and when you eat. At this time, many embark on weight loss program. When looking for a weight loss program it’s important to keep in mind that plans and diets are not a one size fits all. The key is to look for a plan that fits into your lifestyle. With so many options available it can be overwhelming to determine what’s a fad diet and what’s not. Take the time to research your options. For example, does Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem work best for your life? Understand the core components and your needs to find the best plan for you.


Your new routine, since your children went back off to school, can also mean more time for you. This might include learning a new skill or starting new hobbies, heading out to explore nature a little more, and generally improving your lifestyle. The key is to find activities you enjoy doing.


Moms and dads often like to drink in the evenings. For stay-at-home parents, these relaxing and special evening drinks can sometimes slowly add up so that your total alcohol intake for the week is above your normal. By cutting back on weekly social hours, BBQ’s and other festivities, you can limit the amount of alcohol that you drink while still giving yourself a few happy hours to enjoy socializing each month.

These four tips will have you restructuring your life around a wonderful and successful weight loss regime in no time at all.

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