Andy Almost Cried!


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Our property is a bit bigger than that of our Amish neighbors. They own roughly ten-acres and most of it is grassland. On our property fifteen-acres alone is wooded. Andy and Pauline’s property is basically wood-less. The property line that divides our property from theirs  houses a couple of things. (1) A tree stand for hunting deer and (2) a salt-lick to manipulate the dear onto the property. Both of these objects belong to our neighbor Andy. I’m not anti or pro hunting. I don’t hunt and neither does my husband. Andy on the other-hand is an avid hunter. And while he hunts for freeze meat rather than the sport of it, I still don’t want him shoot deer on our property! [clear]

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My dog is helping herself to the salt-lick. Those things are illegal! And it irritates me to no end that he has a salt lick. I guess English laws don’t apply to Amish. 🙂 So, anywho, Andy comes-a-knocking and wants to know if he can take his daughter hunting in our woods. (My private personal thoughts while talking to him) NO, HELL NO, UMMM HELLO, NO WAY IN HELL! I want to be able to go into our woods without the worry of live amino flying over my head! And, we have a dog that might be out there looking for her own food. LOL. [clear]



Well, I thought Andy was going to cry when we told him no. It wasn’t because we’re mean, we like Andy, really we do. It’s just that we also enjoy watching the deer on our property. It’s a beautiful site. And soo…. [clear]The next weekend rolls around and here Andy comes-a-knocking again. This time he ask if he shoots a deer on his property and it runs on ours and dies if he can go on our property to retrieve it. (Me Thinking again) Umm Andy in your mind I may ONLY be English, but I didn’t fall off of the turnip truck yesterday! His tree stand points directly at our woods. It’s obvious he’s going to shoot deer in our woods and say he shot it on his property and it went in our woods and died. YUP… and that was exactly what  happened. Here comes Andy a-knocking again! “Hey, my daughter shot a deer and it went into you woods, I just wanted to let you know we’er going to go in and get it.” Sure Andy, blame on your innocent daughter.


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