A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Electric Pressure Cooker


The modern-day homemakers are always on the lookout for innovative devices to make their life easier and smoother. For those who need to take care of the hectic task of cooking, an electric pressure cooker can surely be such a smart solution. There are a lot of advantages for an electric pressure cooker over the ordinary cookers.

How does electric pressure cooker work?

With the use of electricity, this new-age cooking range device can add a lot of additional functions to cooking like an electronic timer, auto cut-offs, different modes of cooking, which all give the operators better control over the cooking tasks and make it easier and enjoyable. One major fear of the pressure cooker users of all times was its chances of blowing up if used incorrectly.

In contrary to this, electric pressure cookers do the cooking more likely to that of a microwave. It effectively regulates the internal pressure of steam to cook food. It doesn’t actually reach the high-pressure threshold as in case of regular steam cookers as it can automatically set the pressure and heat levels.

For those who have a smaller kitchen or not specific kitchen space at all like a college graduate staying in a dorm or so, an electric pressure cooker can be a great appliance to own. Unlike traditional pressure cookers, it can take up multiple cooking tasks as to:

  • Cook rice
  • Steam fresh vegetables
  • Prepare yogurt
  • Cook sauté as well as brown food
  • Take up the slow cook tasks etc.

There is a wide range of choices available in terms of an electric pressure cooker as you can explore at ChicHomeLife.com to fit for the needs of various types of users.

Using electric pressure cookers

There are a few important technical things you need to know about using electric pressure cookers effectively and safely.

  1. Quick release vs. natural release

The quick release is about releasing the pressure instantly after cooking using the valve. On the other hand, you may let the pressure to slowly release by its own if needed to benefit the items which require longer cooking time, which is called natural release.

  1. Various pressure levels

There are options like high, medium, and low pressure depends on the items you cook. You need to carefully learn the manual in order to understand these options well. The pressure indicator on the cooker lid with let you know about the right pressure inside.

  1. Release valve

The pressure release valve is also placed at the lid on most o the models, which will help you release the pressure manually. This is used for quick release as described above. Don’t ever operate it during cooking, but only operate it after the cooker is turned offer and there is a need for quick release.

  1. Steam condensation collector

This collector is a contractor which is fixed on the side of the unit. This is meant to collect the extra condensation during the time of cooking.

  1. Sealing ring

The silicone ring can be found inside of the lid of the cooker. This sealing is meant to hold the lid tightly to avoid steam escape during cooking.

You may explore various features in different models listed at ChicHomeLife.com and choose an electric pressure cooker to meet your customized cooking needs as well as to match your budget.

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