9 Simple Techniques to Stay Active During Pregnancy


Many women assume that too much activity during pregnancy is bad for their health hence they reduce their activity. On the contrary, being active is extremely important during pregnancy as statistics have revealed that active women deliver healthy babies and most active mothers do not need to undergo a cesarean but deliver by natural birth.

Pregnant women are not allowed to do many activities hence they get confused about the kind of physical activity that they can do to be fit. 

We have listed a few activities which you can perform if you are pregnant.

  1. Walk:

Walking is the best exercise you can do while being pregnant. You can just walk as an exercise, or you can just run an errand while walking such as walking to the grocery store. Try to walk at least 30 minutes every day. You can use a step counter so that you are motivated to walk more.

  1. Stretching:

Stretching is important during pregnancy because as you start getting bulkier, you will feel stiff. Stretching will help in making your body flexible and help you with mobility.

  1. Cardio and strength training:

Many pregnant females who used to gym earlier, can continue to do workout but make sure that the intensity is low. You can do both cardio and strength training but do not over-exert yourself

  1. Prenatal Yoga:

Yoga is the best form of exercise for everyone because it not just focuses on your physical fitness but also mental well-being hence doing yoga will make you fit and stress-free.

  1. Dance:

Dancing is fun, but in pregnancy, many assume that dancing should not be done but actually, you can dance if you love to, just make sure that you do low-intensity dancing especially in your first trimester.


  1. Swim:

Swimming is a great form of workout for people who are not allowed to do high-intensity training. Swimming is great during pregnancy but again be careful around the pool as it may be slippery. If you do not feel like swimming, you can just relax in the pool.

  1. Household Chores:

Many pregnant females stop doing household chores during pregnancy, as they do not want to exert more but frankly doing household work will help you through the pregnancy. It can just be the workout you need.

  1. Follow Your Hobbies:

You can also indulge in some hobbies such as gardening which will keep you busy, as well as active. 

  1. Visit a Therapist:

Many pregnant females book appointment with therapists only after they experience some kind of a pain in the back. Therapists from TRi Physical Therapy of Brooklyn suggest that pregnant women should schedule an appointment with a therapist now and then as therapy can help them prevent any pain due to posture mistakes. Therapy can also help in stretching and flexing the inactive muscles hence you will experience improved mobility after a therapy session.

We have suggested simple tips which you can easily follow but do not overdo it. Pregnancy does not mean you stop your activities; it just means replacing high-intensity activities with moderate ones for the good health of the mother and the baby.


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