6 Warning Signals From the Liver


The liver is a roughly cone-shaped organ on the right-hand side of the abdominal cavity, just below the diaphragm but above the stomach, intestines and right kidney. Its main function is to cleanse harmful chemicals from the blood after the blood leaves the stomach and intestines.

This and other functions are vital to the health of the whole body, so it’s important to know the signs that could indicate problems with liver function.

Risk Factors for Liver Disease

There are five main factors that can increase the risk of liver disease:

  • Exposure to toxins in the environment (like household cleaning products) can harm the liver. So can exposure to toxins (like pesticides) on the surfaces of fruit and vegetables.
  • Health supplements can cause liver damage – according to one doctor, as much as 20% of all cases of liver damage in the USA are caused by herbal or other supplements being used incorrectly.
  • Over-consumption of alcohol is especially damaging to the liver. Slightly too much alcohol causes the liver to become inflamed; continued over-consumption can lead to cirrhosis or scarring of the liver and, ultimately, even liver cancer.
  • Diabetes, high cholesterol levels, and obesity can also harm the liver in a similar way.
  • Liver disease is heritable, so those with a history of liver disease in their families are more likely to develop liver disease themselves.

Signs of Trouble

Luckily, these 6 warning signals from the liver can indicate when something may be going wrong.

  1. Skin conditions:
    When the liver isn’t functioning correctly, bile acids can accumulate in the blood, which can lead to skin irritation, especially itching. Eczema, rashes, redness, and dilated blood vessels can also indicate liver problems.

  2. Digestive disorders:
    Nausea or vomiting (especially after eating), bloating, gas, and loss of appetite can be caused by impaired liver function.

  3. Temperature regulation:
    Hot flashes and night sweats are often associated with menopause but they can also be caused by liver problems.

  4. Weight changes:
    Fatty liver disease can affect metabolism, and impaired metabolism can cause weight gain. At the same time, impaired liver function can cause weight loss since the liver is unable to process nutrients in the bloodstream for improved absorption.

  5. Unexplained fatigue:
    Obviously, tiredness is natural and predictable after doing demanding activities. But extreme or persistent tiredness – especially when accompanied by difficulty sleeping – can be a sign of liver problems.

Blood values:
Blood tests can determine when the levels of liver enzymes in the blood are elevated, which could mean that liver function is impaired.

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