6 Things to do on Christmas Eve with your loved ones


Christmas is all about spending time with your family and friends, the more the merrier, having fun, and above all, sharing love with everyone. When this special day is around the corner, the best you can do is ensure your family, especially the little ones, don’t forget this day and make the most out of it. From traditional activities to fun culinary experiments that bring joy and good times, here are our activities that will make any Christmas Eve at home cozy and well spent.

1. Add to the Christmas Decor

A great way to get into the festivities is to decorate the house for Christmas. You can set the table ready for Christmas breakfast, make extra crafts with the kids to hang up around the house, or just put on a few finishing decorations to the Christmas Tree. It brightens any household and uplifts the spirit of the holiday celebrations and festivities.

2. Read A Christmas Story

Christmas is really about spending time with your loved ones. When this special day comes, you want to remind your kids of the story of baby Jesus. If that isn’t up your alley then you can read other books such as A Chrsitmas Carol from Dickens, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, The Nutcracker Story. There are lots of kid’s books you can buy and read for your kids. Reading the Christmas story to your kids is one way of reminding them what this day is all about.

3. Watch a Christmas Movie 

Apart from reading the Christmas story for your kids, you can also watch a late eve movie together at home. The night before Christmas is the perfect time to watch a movie out with your kids. Your family has that special movie you often watch on Christmas Eve, and this is the right time to have it on the screen. 

Classics from The Polar Express, The Grinch, Home Alone, The Muppets, Christmas Carol, Home Alone, Elf, and Miracle on 34th Street will get you cozied up and excited. Any movie your family enjoys can make Christmas memorable. Get some popcorn and relax on the couch with family for this special movie night.

4. Prepare a special Christmas Dinner

Christmas is the time to make your family that special dinner you’ve all been planning to have. All sorts or creations and festive dishes, too many families is the basis of a celebration. 

So, why not have a special dinner on Christmas Eve? You can make some homemade pizzas for everyone. Make some dough and give everyone a chance in the kitchen to prepare a personal pizza.

5. Have a game night

Playing a family game together is the best way to set the right tone for Christmas day. If your family has a favorite game, you can get together and have some fun. Santa Claus and Christmas-themed Monopoly are some of the most popular Christmas games you can play with your family. 

6. Take your cookie game to the next level.

Instead of baking classic chocolate chip cookies this year, consider leveling up your culinary skills to the next level.  Whipping up some more non-traditional and unusual  candy treats, this time give the kids an opportunity to decorate them. Why not try making peppermint pretzel bark treats or gingerbread trees with lemon icing, or any other recipe you would like? Santa will thank you!

Final Thoughts 

We all have a unique way to make and spend Christmas Eve. If you look forward to celebrating Christmas together with your family, you have to plan. Choose the best dinner recipe, a fun game to play, and some movie to watch together. Lastly, don’t forget to take the kids to church on Christmas day. 

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