6 Reasons to choose above ground pools over in-ground pools


Few home improvement projects can add as much value to your home as the installation of a pool. Initially, many homeowners might believe that an in ground pool is the only way to go. The reality is that an in ground pool is a major renovation project that can take months to complete and cost far more than expected. The alternative is a beautiful, cost effective above ground pool. Read on to discover just a few of the many reasons why you should choose an above ground pool over an in ground model.

Attractive Pricing

In most markets, an above ground pool costs just a quarter of what it would cost to install a similarly sized in ground pool. That smaller price doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice features. Many above ground pools come with amenities that are comparable to those available for in ground pools. Fountains, colorful lighting, top-of-the-line filter systems and other accessories are readily available. The big difference is the cost of the materials and the price of installation. Purchase an in ground pool, and you’ll have to pay for lots of man hours for the workers who will be installing the pool and the cost of renting the heavy equipment used to excavate your yard. An above ground pool all but eliminates these expenses.

Ease of Preparation

Before an in ground pool can be installed, your yard will have to be extensively remodeled, including the excavation of a sizable hole to accommodate the new pool. This whole process can take weeks or months. Also, keep in mind that an in ground pool is a permanent installation. You can’t simply move it elsewhere when you decide to redo your yard. The reverse is true with an above ground pool. All you need to do to prepare your yard is to select a relatively flat ground space with some open area around it. Make sure the ground is free from rocks and debris, and then you’re ready for the pool to be placed. If you want to move it to another location later, all you need is time and a little muscle.

Easier Maintenance

A pool surrounded by an emerald green lawn is a lovely sight. Unfortunately, for in ground pool owners that lawn can become a headache. Grass clippings seem to fall into the pool or on its cover with surprising ease. This causes the filter system to work overtime and means that you have to spend more time maintaining your pool. An above ground pool helps you keep grass clippings and other debris out of the water, giving you more free time to enjoy the water.

Keeps Out Animals

Family pets usually find it a bit more difficult to access the water in an above ground pool than in an in ground pool. Similarly, rodents, frogs and skunks tend to leave above ground pools alone more often than they do in ground pools, especially if you keep the ladder outside of the pool when it’s not in use.


It’s all too easy for small children to slip and fall into an in ground pool. Even worse, in ground pools make it far too easy for little ones to access the water without supervision. The necessity of using a ladder to get into an above ground pool means having extra safety measures. Make certain to pull that ladder out when the pool is not in use, and it’s virtually impossible for small children to get into the pool without supervision.

Take It With You

These days, it’s not uncommon for people to move several times during their lifetime. One of the best reasons to choose an above ground pools from BackyardOcean.com is that it can be packed up and taken with you whether you move across the street or to the other side of the Earth. That way, you and your family never have to do without your pool. It’s something you simply couldn’t do with an in ground pool.

For safety, convenience and value, an above ground pool truly is the way to go for most homeowners.


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