6 Important Steps You Should Take Before Filing for Divorce


Divorce can indeed be devastating. Around 2.5 people out of every 1,000 in the United States go through a divorce, yet it’s still not an easy thing to deal with. Leaving the person you loved and married is hard enough, but then you have to deal with the legal, emotional, spiritual, and financial mess that is left behind. No matter the circumstances surrounding your divorce, you will need to maintain your composure to make the transition as smooth as possible.

It’s terrible, but you’ll make it. You’ll get stronger if you commit to making little adjustments every day, celebrating even the smallest victories, and forming close bonds with other people in similar situations.

If you find yourself facing the unthinkable prospect of divorce, this guide can help you be ready for what’s to come.

Find a Reliable Divorce Lawyer

It can be overwhelming to find a decent divorce lawyer, but it’s an important step in getting ready for a divorce. Hiring a lawyer who makes sure your interests are protected and helps you achieve your desired outcomes can be beneficial in many ways. A competent attorney will explain your rights, duties, and legal jargon in simple terms so you can make informed decisions about your future.

If you live in Philadelphia, for instance, you might wonder, “How do I find the best divorce lawyer near me?” Well, you will need to look for divorce lawyers who have a history of success. They will assess your unique situation, offer advice on the best course of action, and help you navigate the system to your benefit.

Get Your Financial Records Together

Documentation is crucial in divorce disputes. Divorce paperwork could include your bank statements, phone data, mortgage, and car loans. When filing for divorce, try to compile as many relevant papers as possible. Prepare for your lawyer appointment by making duplicates of any paperwork you and your spouse keep together. 

Not all spouses respond positively to divorce papers, and some may make it hard to retrieve paperwork after filing. You can avoid any problems by obtaining the paperwork in advance.

Sort Out Your Custody Priorities

If you’re divorcing with kids, you’re probably thinking about who will have custody. You and your partner, barring extraordinary circumstances, will likely wind up sharing custody of the kids. 

To choose the best custody arrangement, it’s important to take into account your job schedule, the children’s schedule, and any other commitments you have. You’ll be ahead of most divorcing couples if you can work out a schedule that allows you both to spend time with the kids.

Conduct Business Transactions

In most jurisdictions, the court immediately issues an order prohibiting you or your spouse from selling, purchasing, or otherwise encumbering or disposing of marital property. The courts will do this to ensure that neither partner would waste the marriage’s resources on revenge.

Divorce might delay the sale of a rental property or the purchase of a new vehicle that you’ve been planning for a while. If you have a valid sale or purchase in progress, it’s best to finish it before filing for divorce. 

Determine Your Current Housing Situation

How do you feel about living together with your soon-to-be ex throughout the divorce proceedings? Do you want to remain in the same home, intend to relocate somewhere, or want your soon-to-be ex to move out? Prioritize your needs as a single person and as a divorcee in terms of where you want to live.

Your prospects of getting to stay in the marital home while the divorce is pending are affected by your actions in the weeks and months preceding the split. For instance, if you move in with a friend or family in the weeks before your divorce, it won’t improve your chances of keeping the house. Consult a lawyer about the best way to set yourself up to get the kind of housing you want.

Consult Your Lawyer About Joint Bank Accounts and Credit Cards

Your lawyer’s recommendation on what to do with joint bank accounts and credit cards after divorce will depend on how you and your spouse have handled these matters. You should avoid giving your spouse access to any financial information or accounts since this might cause complications during the divorce process. Your divorce lawyer is the ideal person to advise you on whether or not to split the accounts down the middle, shut them, or do nothing with them.

Final Thoughts

While filing for divorce, keep in mind that having the proper legal representation is essential. You should choose a divorce lawyer who takes the time to explain the procedure, learns about your unique circumstances, and then develops a strategy that is best for you. Having a legal advisor on your side is a huge assistance if you are thinking about divorcing.

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