5 things to know before buying a gaming laptop


The decision to buy a gaming laptop might sound quite exciting. However, once you start comparing the different gaming laptops, you will realize how confusing it is. Soon enough, it will seem like a Herculean task to choose the right gaming laptop.

Want to know an easier way out?

If so, you should consider the 5 things below while comparing the different gaming laptops. That will help you make the right buying decision.

  1. Form factor:

A gaming laptop can vary in form factor from one model to another. The same laptop manufacturer might have laptops which are varying in form factor. Essentially, you have to consider 2 factors to determine whether the form factor is appropriate according to your requirement or not.

  • Weight:

Of course, a gaming laptop is loaded with hardware. That is why its weight is higher than a standard laptop. However, you have to look at the weight to understand how high it is. It should be portable.

  • Display size:

The display size also plays a vital role. The higher the display size, the bigger the laptop will be. If you go with a smaller display, you will not enjoy your gaming experience. That is why you have to choose a display size that is not too large and not too small either.

After considering these 2 factors, it is easy to choose the laptop which has the correct form factor.

  1. Processor:

Without the right processor, you cannot play the latest games. At least, you need an Intel Xeon. Of course, if the processor is even more advanced, that is an advantage.

You have to take into account the operating frequency of the processor as well. It should be as high as possible.

  1. Memory and storage:

Whether you can play the games glitch-free or not depends on the memory and the storage of the laptop.

  • Memory:

Memory refers to the ram. At a minimum, you need 16 GB RAM. If it is DDR 4 RAM, that is much better than the ddr3 ram.

  • Storage:

Storage capacity is not the only thing to consider. Firstly, you have to get SSD storage. That means that you have to get 512 GB SSD storage instead of 1 TB conventional storage. SSD storage is much faster than conventional storage.

Once you consider these 2 factors, you can choose a blazing fast laptop to enjoy the gaming experience.

  1. Battery capacity:

Many laptops are notoriously famous for low battery capacity. Of course, you can plug it in when you’re indoors. However, not at all times can you enjoy games when the laptop is plugged in. To avoid this problem, you need to go with a gaming laptop with a battery capacity of at least 2 hours or more. That way, you can enjoy your gaming without having to remain plugged in all the time.

  1. Graphics card:

Of course, one of the most critical parts of a gaming laptop is the graphics card. The more advanced the graphics card, the better it is. Rather than going with the pre-decided graphics card, you have to compare the different models to know which one is a better graphics card.

After you compare the different laptops on these five parameters, choosing the right one is easy. No need to go through confusing jargon. You can buy the best gaming laptop by considering these five factors.

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Bryan Sumner
Bryan Sumner
15 days ago

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I find some tips that I hope will help me!
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14 days ago

Pay attention to the brand, look for the most decent and appropriate price

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