5 Things That Might Happen Within Your Baby’s First Year Of Life


Regardless of whether this is your first child or not, you may be curious to know a little about what to expect in your baby’s first year of life. Every baby is different, so these things are definitely not one size fits all, but there are several growth and development stages most babies go through. Here are 5 things that might happen before your baby’s first birthday. 


You may be surprised to see it happen so early, but most babies begin to learn to crawl around the 6-10 months mark! Some even do it sooner. So get everything important off the floor and baby proof your home because once they start crawling, they only get faster and more sneaky.

Transitioning To A Crib

Around 3-6 months of age is when a lot of babies start transitioning to sleeping in their own crib at night, but your baby will let you know when it’s right for them. There is no shame in allowing your baby to co-sleep with you for longer, as long as it’s not affecting your sleep too much. But eventually, they will have to sleep in their own crib or bed, so just make sure this doesn’t come as a shock to either of you when it inevitably happens. 


Your infant has probably been “baby-talking” for as long as you can remember, but they likely won’t say any actual words until after around 9 months of age. You can expect simple words like “mama”, “dada”, “no”, and “bye-bye” in the 9-12 months range. After that they will start talking non-stop though, so enjoy the silence while you can! 


You might see your baby smile almost immediately after birth, but for some it takes a little longer. Not to worry. Most babies will smile between 0-3 months. Nothing warms a parent’s heart more than seeing their little one crack their first smile. Take lots of pictures so that once they reach their teenage years you can remember how sweet they were. 

Eating Solid Foods

Most babies can transition to eating solid foods at around 6-7 months. If it happens sooner, that’s totally fine, just be sure to watch them carefully and make sure all foods are cut into small pieces to reduce choking hazard. Once your baby starts eating solid foods, life at home will be a lot easier for you because you can just give your baby small portions of whatever you’re eating.

The first year of your baby’s life is a very exciting time for you and for them! Help ease them through all of their major milestones by knowing a little bit about what to expect, and remember that no two babies are the same. 

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