5 Fun Hobbies for Kids to Try For Holistic Development


Did you know that 38% of millennial parents have one parent stay home with the children while the other one works? About 60% of U.S. parents care for their children without any help. 

If you’ve found yourself spending more time at home with your children you might be looking for fun hobbies for kids. Check out our list below. 

1. Baking Is a Fun Family Hobby

If you’re looking for fun hobbies to do at home for kids you can try baking as a family. Cooking or baking is a great way to teach children how to be self-sustainable and choose delicious and nutritious food. 

You can learn new recipes together or teach your child a family recipe. This is a great way to pass down this important family history to the next generation. Nothing brings family closer quite like cooking and eating a meal together. 

2. Try Painting 

Fun hobbies for kids in the summertime can include going out into the yard and painting. Finger painting, painting portraits, even drawing stick figures. The important part is getting your children to express their creativity. 

Purchase some supplies from your local art store like paintbrushes, paint, and canvases. Make sure everyone wears old clothes while painting. Don’t worry about the mess, the important thing is that your kids have fun. 

3. Sign up for a Dance Class 

Depending on your kid’s interests you might decide to sign them up for dance class. There are many benefits to dance when it comes to your child’s development. 

It’ll help them stay physically active and improve skills like flexibility, balance, and stamina. These skills might come in handy in the future if your child decides to play sports. 

There are many different styles of dance, ask your child what they’re interested in trying. You might be wondering when to start dance classes for your child, the earlier the better for their development. 

4. Build a Garden Together

Next on the list of hobbies for kids is gardening. This is a great way to get your kids to spend time in nature and get some necessary vitamin D from the sun. 

Gardening helps your children learn to appreciate the natural world and teaches them where their food comes from. Your child will learn about different plants and soil and watch something blossom from their hard work. 

5. Learn Yoga

Other hobby ideas for kids include learning how to do yoga. Learning to do yoga from a young age can teach your child mindfulness and a way to calm their anxieties as they get older. Yoga is also a great way to learn flexibility and balance. 

Fun Hobbies for Kids Your Family Should Try

If you’re looking for fun hobbies for kids check out the list above for some different ideas you can try with your family. Dance class is a great way to express creativity while baking is something you can do as a family. 

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