5 Essential Elements of High-Quality Game Cards


Playing cards are a staple for many games and must have good quality. This article will discuss five essential elements you should look for in a high-quality deck of game cards.

For example, a quality deck will be easily read with clear pips. It will also have a coating that helps the cards handle well during shuffling and handling.

Quality of the Cardstock

The quality of the cardstock used in a deck of cards is critical to the overall feel and performance. Generally, higher-quality cardstocks are more durable, less prone to bending and creases, and better for shuffling and handling.

Many different types of cardstock are available, each with its unique properties. Cardstocks can be categorized by weight, core, and texture.

Master cardstock has a blue core layer in the middle to reduce see-through and is famous for casinos, professionals, and magicians who want cards with better handling and performance.

Quality of the Printing

Most game cards, such as card sleeves, use a lot of colors and so need a high-quality printing process to get the best results. This includes color matching and CMYK printing to coatings and finishing techniques.

A high-quality deck of cards will have some coating, which helps the cards handle smoothly and efficiently. This is especially important for shuffling.

Another thing to look for is the quality of the cut. A good quality deck will have clean edges that feel smooth and nice.

Quality of the Edges

Whether playing games with friends or using them for a more specific purpose, such as magic, you want your cards to be high quality and have beautiful clean edges that shuffle quickly. This is especially important if you use a deck for card tricks, as the edges can make or break maneuvers like the perfect faro.

In addition to the quality of the edges, it’s also essential that they have a clear and consistent design. This ensures that all the cards in a deck are recognizable and identifiable at a glance, which is especially important if you’re dealing cards. An excellent way to test this is to look for cards with a simple but straightforward back design. Avoid any cards with borders, as these can exaggerate tiny cutting mistakes.

Quality of the Finishes

The cards used in quality game decks are typically protected with a varnish or lamination. This helps protect against water damage, wear, and scratches. The varnish or lamination also adds a nice shine to the cards, box, and booklet.

Embossing is another important finishing element. The quality of a card’s finish can impact its handling and fanning and how it shuffles.

For example, a linen finish, characterized by tiny dimples, creates an “air cushion” that allows the cards to slide optimally and is used by USPCC for their Bicycle line of playing cards.

Quality of the Design

The quality of the design on a game card is a vital component, and not just from a visual perspective. The methods on a card should be easy to read, with bold features and clear lines. Ideally, the card will also have some reflective or bilateral symmetry.

Card designs are often based on a game’s genre, setting, or source material, with each card representing a specific element of that world. For example, a creature card may be illustrated as a dragon with a keyword like “flying” to explain its gameplay function.

Many playing card designers use a unique style that makes their cards instantly recognizable. One such designer is Giovanni Meroni, whose style is clean and artistic. His trademark look has earned him a following of avid fans.

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