5 Best Cars for Moms


Cars can be lifesavers for modern moms who have to juggle multiple responsibilities and frantic schedules on a daily basis. From commuting and and dropping/picking-up kids to shopping trips and running quick errands, a cars saves invaluable time and offers a 24-hour reliable transport option for the family. Choosing a car that offers both safety and convenience makes a busy modern mom’s life much easier. Here is a list of 5 best cars that suit the unique requirements of modern day moms:

1 BMW X5

The BMW X5 checks all boxes when it comes to suitability for moms. The X5 is a spacious high-end sports utility vehicle offering the safety and robustness of an SUV with style, comfort and convenience of a high-end sedan – a combination rarely found in other SUVs. Despite its size, it handles excellently and offers a ton of safety features. Some of the notable features include all-wheel drive for driving in snowy and slippery conditions and run-flat tires – so that you do not have to stop and wait in the middle of nowhere in case of a flat tire.

2 Volvo XC60

While Volvo cars are best known for their innovative safety features, XC60 also comes with some interesting features that all moms driving it will appreciate. The XC60 offers a very handy child safety lock that can be easily operated from buttons near the driver’s window controls. It also offers radar-controlled cruise controls that allow it to sense and maintain distance from the car in the front automatically. In fact, at low speeds it can even stop your car on its own if it senses that you are about to hit the car in front. Other handy features include automatic heated seats and excellent snow driving performance, making it an excellent car for winter months.

3 Mercedes Benz GL-class

Mercedes GL class is a full-sized SUV from Mercedes Benz that offers unmatched luxury, space, and presence on the road with lots of high-end safety and convenience features that make it one of the most luxurious cars for moms. The excellent Airmatic suspension offers a smooth ride under all conditions while the car’s 7-passenger seating with a spacious third-row – unlike the cramped third-row found in most other 3-row SUVs – is a blessing for families. A host of advanced safety features such as traffic-aware adaptive cruise control, blind spot assist and automatic lane keeping make it a perfect car for moms.

4 Infinity QX60

Infinity QX60 from Nissan offers plenty of power and space with excellent selection of luxury features ranging from Bose sound system to 3-zone automatic climate control. The QX 60 offers a spacious third row and also comes with innovative safety and convenience features such as Around View – offering 360 degree view around the car allowing you to park with ease, adaptive cruise control and smart collision intervention that stops the car while backing up if it senses an obstacle.

5 Ford Flex

Ford Flex not only features a bold futuristic design that makes it stand-out among other cars, it also has features and performance to make it an excellent choice as a mom’s car. Ford Flex offers 3-row (7 passenger) seating with powerful V6 engine options as well as a fuel-efficient Ecoboost engine option. The extensive list of safety and convenience features easily match that of every other car in our list with features such as collision avoidance system, blind-spot monitoring, power rear door, touch interface with voice recognition and an automatic parking system.

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