4 Factors That Affect How Much Hiring a Professional Mover Is Going to Cost


When planning a move, it always pays to calculate your expenses. However, it isn’t always apparent exactly how much it will cost to hire professional movers to help. Moving companies usually make a visit to your property when calculating an estimate. They arrive at this figure after carefully considering a number of factors.

These are the four main factors that determine how much your move will cost. To get an idea of how much your move will cost, contact Matco Calgary today.

The Distance

One of the main factors that determine the total cost of the move is how far you will be moving. You will find that many moving companies prefer to bill by the hour for shorter moves. However, much longer moves that require several days travel will often be billed by the weight.

It should, therefore, go without saying that a move around the corner will be cheaper than a move across a city, which will be cheaper than a move across the country, which will be cheaper than a move across the world.

The Size of Your Home

A larger home usually means more furniture to transport. However, it is not just the amount of furniture that adds costs for movers with large homes. Even if you have the same amount of furniture as a property with one floor, if this is spread across three floors, with lots of stairs and tight corridors that need to be navigated, your moving costs will be higher.

To bring the costs down and save on the hours billed, moving furniture out of the attic and basement and onto the first floor will help reduce the time required to load all your items into the removal van.

The Time of the Year

Many movers often forget that the time of year they choose to move can have a significant impact on the cost associated with the move. Moving companies charge more in the summer and spring months than the winter months.

National holidays and long weekends are usually the most expensive times to move. There is more traffic on the road and many movers charge a premium for making their employees work on a public holiday.

Avoid moving in the last weeks of August and the first weeks of September. This is when most leases terminate, and removal companies are at their busiest. To save money and capitalize of off-peak rates, move in the winter, on a weekday.

Fragile Items

Finally, the type of items you are moving will also have an impact on your estimate and the final cost of the move. If you are moving plenty of fragile items, movers will have to work more slowly and take more care when shifting and loading the furniture.

On the other hand, if you have very few breakables, professional movers can work much more quickly, reducing the overall hours required for the move and, therefore, reducing the hours you are billed for.

When considering how much your move will cost, consider these factors to determine if your removal costs are likely to be inflated.

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Taylor Bishop
4 years ago

Thanks for the tips for hiring a professional mover. It’s nice to know that the distance could really affect the cost. You mentioned this is mostly for homes and I’m interested to learn if this could be a factor in other moving services too.