4 Awesome Outdoor Technologies For Fun and Your Next Job


Advances in technology are not limited to using inside of the home and office buildings today. Developers and manufacturers are constantly working on advances that can be used outdoors too. The latest technological advances are meant to be used for fun outdoor activities and for those of you who work in a variety of different outdoor jobs that people perform every day. Therefore, these types of technologies can be found in places all over the globe. So, for those of you who are interested in some of the most notable and beneficial for common use, here are four that you should check out. See how they can fit in the hands of people that can use them to perform their jobs and assist in other activities.

1. Multi-Powered Portable Emergency Weather Radio and Flashlight

Some people enjoy the outdoors so much that they like to spend as much time as they can camping with their family and friends. Camping can always be fun, but there is an element of some adventures that everyone needs to be extra safe and careful of where they go and what they are doing at all times. This is especially the case when the weather changes abruptly and everyone needs to know what is going. Thankfully, with all of the technology that is available today, there is no need for anyone to lose touch with anybody since there is a technology that serves numerous purposes, including carrying gadgets like a multi-powered portable emergency weather radio and flashlight.

2. Electricity Generating Wood Camp Stove

Rock climbing for some people is not just about having a good time. For some people, rock climbing is one of the best ways that they can actually make a living. For instance, if they want to earn money off of the skills and experience that they have acquired, they can be professional rock climbers. They might even be able to become instructors that teach others the skills that they have learned through the adventures they have been exposed to. Because rock climbing is an activity that people perform outdoors, they must be prepared for the elements and anything else that can help to make these ventures more convenient for all involved. For instance, today these professionals can take advantage of buying an outdoor electric award-winning stove that people can use to prepare meals like a campfire. The differences to the traditional fire that is built, however, is that these stoves are portable and chargeable so they can be taken along on virtually any camping trip with the family and friends.

3. Smart Phone Technology for Outdoors

Keeping in touch with your loved ones when you are away from home out in the wild is easy today. As long as the towers for cell phone providers are everywhere you go and the signals are strong, smartphone technology for outdoor adventures is critical to the safety of everyone. In fact, if the person or group gets lost in an area that they have traveled through before, they can use their GPS system to provide them with the directions that they need. Therefore, when people are camping out or going on an excursion far away from their camp, smartphone technology can be used to help them stay on track while also helping everyone to remain safe even when they get lost in a big wooded area.

4. Drones Technology

As changes in the way things are being performed today, no industry has gone untouched in some form or another. Even when technology may look like a toy remote control gadget, it can be an instrument that can be used to make things easy, along with saving time and money. This is what you may want to say and have experienced when looking at the functionality and the looks of today’s drones. Just like a drone can be controlled from far away, it is now being incorporated into the process and procedures of home inspections. For instance, some insurance companies are not going to the site of the inspection physically but will be sending out drones to the home to complete their home inspections.

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Awesome list! There are also solar batteries that come handy. Also some health technologies such as PEMF have also gone portabe / off-the-grid.

Steve Dixon
Steve Dixon

This list can also be supplemented with a fitness bracelet, convenient and easy to measure health when hiking.


Technology is actually vanishing our real social life as well as its also going very bad for human health. So if someone is going for outdoor, its better not to keep in touch with technology.