3 Tips For Talking To Your Spouse About Sharing Responsibilities At Home


For many spouses, getting your responsibilities at home to a point where things feel like they are fair for each party can be a challenge. So if this is something that you and your spouse are currently going through, knowing how to start this conversation in such a way that things don’t devolve into chaos is going to be vital to the ultimate success of this arrangement. However, most people need some help getting to this point.

So to help you see how you can get yourself ready for this kind of conversation, here are three tips for talking to your spouse about sharing responsibilities at home. 

Don’t Become Adversarial

The first thing you should do as you prepare to talk to your spouse about each party’s responsibilities within the home is to try your best not to become adversarial. While you might be feeling strong emotions about this topic, if you allow your emotions to get the best of you here, you’ll quickly find that the conversation won’t be productive. 

To help you get to this point, try to pick a time where you’re not feeling hostile about how things are going with your household responsibilities. If you can find a time where both you and your spouse are feeling good and ready to have a deep discussion, this would be ideal. Then, as you begin the conversation, view yourself and your spouse as being on the same team trying to find solutions that work for everyone. 

Prepare For Negotiations

As part of the solutions that you and your spouse seek to find about the distribution of household responsibilities, there is likely to be some negotiating taking place. This is something that you should try to be prepared for. 

When you start to get to negotiations, try to ask what things your spouse would like to take on as their responsibility and what things they might not want to take on. If your spouse doesn’t want to take care of mowing the lawn but would be fine doing the laundry for the family, consider if this is an area where you’re willing to negotiate for now and see how things go. 

Seek To Not Criticize

Many couples can have very intense feelings surrounding the division of household labor. So if you’re someone who feels very strongly about this aspect of your family and marriage, one thing you’ll want to try your best not to do is to criticize your partner for what’s happened in the past. When expectations weren’t clear, no one should necessarily be held responsible for how things went down.

Along with this, when responsibilities do get redivided, do your best not to criticize the way that your spouse takes care of their tasks. While it can be hard to let go of certain things, giving them the freedom to work as they see fit can help make things much easier for both parties. 

If you’re wanting to have a serious conversation with your spouse about how work is handled in your household, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you prepare for this. 

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