15 Steps To Help Your Business Go Green


It is so easy to make your business greener without having to shell out lots of money and make big changes to the way you currently operate as there are a number of very simple changes you can make.

Here is a collection of ideas designed to give you some inspiration. Start by implementing one or two, and then gradually introduce others in due course and before you know it you will be green and proud!


  • RECYCLE – All businesses produce waste, but this can be managed and reduced by making sure that recycling bins are used to store and recycle your unwanted paper, metal, plastic and glass.
  • COMPOST– Why not introduce a composting bin to take care of your kitchen waste too? This can be used to collect all suitable food waste, teabags and coffee grounds then used in a garden or flower beds once it has broken down.
  • REUSABLE – If your business gets through a fair bit of milk each month, why not see if it is possible to have it delivered in reusable bottles?
  • HIGH VOLUME OF WASTE? – If your company is a high volume waste producer they may require hi-tech solutions which specialist companies like Phoenix Compactors & Balers can provide, helping your business save money, improve efficiency and become more environmentally friendly.


When purchasing fair trade products you make sure that the plantation workers are paid the fair wage they deserve and support all of the fair trade cooperatives who use natural processes that are not harmful to the environment. 

  • TEA, COFFEE & SUGAR – Purchase and consume fair trade products for your business.


  • WASHING UP LIQUID, TOILET CLEANING PRODUCTS, SOAPS & SURFACE CLEANERS – Why not switch all of the current products you use for environmentally friendly alternatives? You could perhaps take this one step further and use refills instead of purchasing new bottles.


  • CAR SHARE – You could try to encourage your employees to minimize the impact of their travel by encouraging them to car share with one another. Collectively this makes a real difference to your employee’s pockets and the environment. One days car sharing reduces car use by 20%.
  • DITCH THE CAR – Encourage your employees to cycle, walk or use public transport for their commute if possible. Even if everyone did this just once a week this would have a huge impact.
  • REMOTE WORKERS – Could you enable some members of staff to work from home part time or just a day or two per week? If this is viable it could be an advantageous arrangement for everyone. Travelling time would be removed altogether on those days.
  • TECHNOLOGY– Use the technology available to us to manage time more effectively and reduce the need to travel. Conference calls are a great example, as they can connect you to others to talk business and have group meetings without the need to leave your workplace.  
  • BULK DELIVERIES – bulk deliveries mean fewer deliveries. This is better for the environment and could save you money. Are there any materials or products that you could have delivered in bulk?


  • PRINTING – If it’s not absolutely necessary, don’t print it.
  • LOW ENERGY– switch to low energy bulbs if you haven’t already, reduce consumption and save money.
  • GREEN ENERGY – Invest in green alternative energy for long term savings and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • STANDBY – uses energy unnecessarily, if it is not in use; switch it off!


Cutting bills and reducing your energy usage and waste will save you money and benefit the environment. Better still, your new green policies will convey how much your business cares for the environment which is great for PR and for team moral.

Do it. Go green.

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